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Rich PH Influencers: How to Become One

Whether we want to use social media or not, it is already all around us. From kids to adults, everyone uses social media nowadays, which is why social media’s success is undeniable. Now, here’s the tricky thing about social media, with proper usage, your life could change forever for good. How, you say? By being a social media influencer!

The goal here is to become one of the rich PH influencers, so lucky you, we’re about to teach you how to become like Pia Wurtzbach who’s being dubbed as the highest-paid Filipino on Instagram! Let’s begin!

So, what does a Social Media Influencer do?

Basically, a social media influencer is someone who has gained fame in a certain field, has access to a sizable audience, and has the power to encourage others to follow their advice. Is it a real career? Well, we also have an article for that but yes, it’s as real as the money social media influencers are making. 

The pandemic triggered the rise of social media influencers because well, people have nothing to do but to be on their gadgets all day long. Most of those are rich PH influencers now just like Edgar Dumali also known as Choox, and in just a short period of time! Impressive, right? However, if you are pursuing the career of being a successful influencer, you must have what it takes to become one and we’re about to show you how.

Pick your niche

Well, the very first thing you must decide is what will you be featuring in your page or channel. It’s easy really, you just need to pick what you are really into.  Are you into gaming? Then make gaming videos like gameplays, tips and tricks, or montage of your best plays. Are you into fashion and accessories? Then make tutorials about beauty products like Ivana Alawi who’s also made a name for herself because of being a social media influencer. Are you into cooking? Then make cooking videos like Erwan Heussaff! Are you into making funny videos and recreating typical everyday scenarios? Then make some like TikTok star Sassa Gurl! There are so many niches to be said but you get the idea. You’ll be more productive with the content you love making in the first place, plus you’ll also attract the right audience for your page or channel. 

Prepare your gear and background

People like pleasing and clean contents. How do you make those type of contents? By investing in some gear like ring light for better lighting, DSLR or a high-end camera for a quality shot, a dedicate mic for better audio quality just to name a few – you’ll notice a world of difference in your content. Now if you don’t have the funds yet to get those gears and gadgets, the one thing you should always remember is to keep a neat background! No one wants to watch a video with a messy background so before pushing that post button, make sure that you have an eye-pleasing background. 

Focus on one platform first

Pick just one social media site to use to begin, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. You can add a second platform if you’ve amassed a sizeable following on one of those platforms, which will double your following. It’s best to first concentrate on developing one platform. This will allow you to give it your whole attention before switching to other accounts and exhausting yourself in the process.

Make your content stand out if possible

Don’t post what others have already posted. Numerous social media users have seen some of the same content repeatedly, which can get tiresome. Make a content by doing something unique. Make sure the content you post about has a fresh perspective. That is how you win the heart of your target audience. Maybe do a backflip while cooking? That maybe a little bit extreme, but you get the idea. 

Patience and dedication are the key

Now if you really are into become one of the rich PH influencers, there are two things you need to have and that is patience and dedication to your work. Don’t get depressed or feel down if you only have 5 viewers and 3 likers when you first start your journey. Every social media influencer who started from scratch without being a celebrity has been on the same road as you. Keep posting daily for the social media algorithm to notice you. Don’t skip a day without posting and most importantly, keep away from violations so that your content wouldn’t be shadow banned which basically means that your content will be blocked from the social media algorithm. 

Influencers on social media are enthusiastic individuals. You should only become a social media influencer if you have the drive and perseverance to see this new endeavor through until the end. Best of luck!

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