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We are dreamers, and we believe that dreams are meant to be made real.


Our dream is to reach every Filipino with a different flavor of what’s happening on the ground.

From the deepest mountain villages to the farthest island encampments, this is for you.


Our dream is for The Philippines to take flight.

For all of us to spread our wings and soar with our beloved land.

While the tunnel we walk proves long and dark, we go forth towards the light at its end.

We see it, and pursue its warmth, its clarity, its truth.


Our dream is to inspire unity and hope between a long-divided people.

Together, we can stand tall and strong, against any and all odds.

We can begin this crusade by amplifying the true voice of each Filipino:

The farmer, the fisherman, the jeepney driver.

The small business owner, the fresh graduate, Lolo and Lola.

The teacher, the BPO worker, the OFW.

Let’s talk about our communities, our local organizations.

Let’s talk about better jobs, better health, and better education for our children.

From every baryo and barangay to what matters to us beyond our archipelago.

We’ll leave no stone unturned and no voice unheard.


Our dream and mission is to tell YOUR story, The Filipino Story.