Probinsyano and Proud: 8 Reasons to Love Being Promdi

Admit it, my probinsyano friend, the occasional slips in your accent instantly give you away. But hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Gone are the days when hailing from the province was associated with having lack of sophistication or naiveté. To prove it, we’ve listed eight reasons why being a Promdi [literal meaning: “from the (province)”] is something to be proud of in this day and age:

Probinsyano and Proud : 8 Reasons to Love Being Promdi
You’re a natural!

1 – You are multi-lingual by default

Congratulations! You have a legitimate skill to add to your résumé that required little to no effort. On top of English and Tagalog, a dialect is definitely a valuable asset you can use when situations call for it. And they will call!

2 – Fast-pass to instant connections

Another perk of being probinsyano is the unspoken, almost cult-like membership to the group in your office or school that’s predominantly from a certain region. It’s like being in a tightly knit club and the only requirement for acceptance is your heritage. How cool is that? Also, dealing with people from the same region makes it a lot easier. For one, there’s no language barrier and two, their being comfortable with you will most likely make them trust you a lot quicker.

Probinsyano and Proud : 8 Reasons to Love Being Promdi
When being old-school comes in handy

3 – Pogi points from older folks

The lolos and lolas of your friends will definitely be impressed by your old school manners. Promdis are known to adhere to traditional practices such as the mano po, and usually have the qualities that conservative older folks deem as “good breeding.”

Probinsyano and Proud : 8 Reasons to Love Being Promdi
Vacation house? Check!

4 – You have a vacation house at your disposal

When things get too stressful in the big city for your probinsyano spirit, your home in the province will be waiting for you. Think of it as a rest house without any of room service charges you would have otherwise incurred if you stayed at a hotel. You always have a home – a family to go back to – readily available for much needed kwento, free-flowing food, healing, and strength that you need to get back out there and #win.

5 – Your appreciation for nature and inclination for balance

Growing up close to nature and away from the fast-paced, concrete jungle most likely influenced your promdi lifestyle preferences. For instance, you may opt to actively seek a healthy work-life balance instead of giving in to the culture of the working-rat mentality lauded by big city dwellers.

6 – Essential life skills such as patience and resourcefulness was taught early on

Growing up in the province also meant that, as a promdi kid (especially in the 90s), you had to wait for at least a month for movies and new gadgets from Manila to make their way to your town. All that delayed gratification helped spark your creativity with the limited resources available. So what did you do? You grabbed a probinsyano friend and played outside, of course! Only boring people get bored!

Probinsyano and Proud : 8 Reasons to Love Being Promdi
Does this mean I’m a chef now?

7 – Your developed culinary palate

Unbeknownst to you, your lola has been training your palate for years. You were already eating organic, homegrown meals even before it became mainstream! You know how to source, prepare, and cook at least one of her secret recipes every time you need to survive those pangs of home sickness.

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Probinsyano and Proud : 8 Reasons to Love Being Promdi
No shame

8 – You have your own regional flair that contributes to the diversity of our country

Lastly, each promdi is different, depending on the region of origin. Ilonggas, for example, are known to be charming and malambing, while Cebuanas are the fiery go-getters. Each with their own interesting story to tell; sharing cultural tidbits and tricks of the trade that their Manileño counterparts may not be aware of. Their differences comprise the varied perspectives and talents probinsyano Filipinos offer the country, like separate vibrant colors in a single beautiful tapestry of our heritage.

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  1. Very true. Very nice write up! Am a Manileña but my fieldwork experience in market research covering different provinces, up to the rural areas, taught me a lot of survival tips and good values.

  2. I grew up in the city, but spent my summers in the Batangas province with relatives. A very,positive mix in my being. Made me adjust easily to all types of environment. Raised my daughters the same way. With my mom’s prodding, so my daughters will know more about their heritage, I sent them home with my parents to study in Manila. The best decision. They came back with a lot of life’s experience of the Philippine culture, now mixed with their American culture, raising their children with combined good customs.of both countries. Also, the best blessings – my girls were able to spend some time with their Lolo and Lola, and knew them more, by living with them. My girls said, they will not exchange the experience for anything in the world. Glad that the one year in Manila gave them a very positive experience, and I thank my parents for the opportunity..

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