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Pasay Eco City: Green Future, Competitive City

This project promises parks, clean air, & a booming economy.

Pasay City, a bustling center in the Philippines, is undergoing a major transformation. The government and private companies are teaming up on Pasay Eco City, a big project that aims to make Pasay a model for green and successful cities.

Building a Greener Future

Pasay Eco City wants a greener and richer future for the city. They’re developing a massive area (625 hectares!) along the Pasay coast. Imagine clean air, beautiful parks, and modern buildings – that’s the future Pasay Eco City is building.

World-Class Experts Assemble

Furthermore, to make sure the project succeeds, Pasay City has partnered with the best in urban planning and construction. Companies like Arup and Aecom are bringing their expertise, along with famous contractors like Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. and Royal Haskoning DHV. With this all-star team, Pasay Eco City is set for greatness.

Eco-Friendly Districts for Everyone

This new eco-city focuses on creating public spaces that are good for the environment and the people of Pasay. Imagine seven cool districts – Gateway, Channel East, Channel West, Central Park, North Dock, South Shore, and West Wharf – all designed to be eco-friendly. Actually, these areas won’t just be pretty; they’ll be useful, with places for residents to relax, chat with friends, and enjoy the amazing sunsets over Manila Bay.

A Central Park for Pasay

Additionally, this new eco-city will also have a special green space – a Central Park inspired by other city parks like Singapore’s. This park will be a welcome escape from the city noise, offering residents a chance to connect with nature.

A Brighter Future for Pasay and the Philippines

Pasay Eco City is about more than just looks. The project is expected to make Pasay’s environment much better. Cleaner air, less pollution, and a healthier place to live are all on the way. The city’s economy will also boom with new jobs and more tourists. Overall, it has the potential to improve life for residents and make Pasay a leader in sustainable urban development in the Philippines.

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Pasay Eco City is a symbol of a greener and brighter future for the Philippines. This innovative project could transform Pasay into a thriving city that cares about both the environment and the economy. With its focus on sustainability, top experts, and commitment to creating vibrant public spaces, this new eco-city is definitely a project to watch.

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