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Jobs For Pinoys Who Love Korean Culture

Calling all chingus! Is it not fascinating to think that Korean culture has had such an impact on Pinoy life? No one is immune to the Hallyu wave—which includes Kdramas, KPop, and even its cuisine. It is even more fascinating to look at how we utilize our love for Korean culture during school or work.

In the Philippines, there have been several industries open for Pinoys to fangirl (or fanboy) in a professional setting. If you are looking for a way to flex your knowledge of the Hallyu wave, then consider applying for a job that caters not only to your skillset but also to how much you understand Korean culture.

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Here are 5 jobs that are a hit with Pinoys who love Korean culture:


Filipinos working as either translators, interpreters, or closed captioning Korean text to either English or Tagalog can play a vital role in promoting cultural exchange, enhancing communication, and facilitating various opportunities in the realms of business, entertainment, education, and more. For example, IBM Philippines sources multilingual Filipinos and encourages them to apply for their various jobs catering to various nationalities.


Filipinos are known to be proficient in both English and Tagalog. So, working as a language teacher or a freelance tutor can offer a range of personal and professional benefits, which include income generation, skill development, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the education of others.

Events/Concert Staff

PULP LIVE WORLD, one of the most prominent concert organizers in the Philippines, and EVERLAST KOREA, a US-based events hub, promote various concerts and fanmeets to fans all over the world. These companies embrace working in KPop events as a rewarding experience that combines passion for music with professional development opportunities, such as networking and promotion of local talent.


Filipinos working as journalists or PR staff covering Korean events in the Philippines can bring about several benefits, both for the individuals involved and for the broader cultural and diplomatic relations between the two countries. Working in this realm of media may also contribute to developments in the industry.

Administrative/Diplomatic Work

The Korean Embassy and the Korean Cultural Center are establishments that constantly bring about positive cultural exchange between Korea and the Philippines. Having Filipinos involved in administrative or diplomatic work for Korea-Philippines relations can lead to a more nuanced, effective, and collaborative relationship between the two nations.

To summarize, the impact of Korean culture on the Philippines, backed up by the two nations’ decades-long partnership, has opened the doors for Filipinos to work within various Korean industries and organizations. So, these openings will enable you to work on something you are passionate about. Lastly, these are also a way for you to exercise your skill set and showcase Filipino culture and hospitality towards others.

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