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19 Reasons Why SB19 is The New Face of Pinoy Pop

An elaborate introduction to the most elaborate boy band in the Philippines right now.

In recent years, Filipino boy band ‘SB19’ has taken the local music scene by storm. Many people were enamored with their charming looks and fluid dance moves. And who could blame them?

But for those who still haven’t been converted to ‘A’TIN’ (SB19 fans), here are 19 reasons why the group should be the first artist in your playlist:

1. Gold standard: SB19 set the bar for Filipino boy groups.

19 Reasons Why SB19 is The New Face of Pinoy Pop

It only takes one look to realize that SB19 is THE best Filipino boy band right now. They’ve set the bar. And if you’re not like SB19, then you’re not good enough.

2. Genuine product: The group was formed by ShowBT Philippines.

ShowBT Philippines is the Philippine subsidiary of ShowBT Group in Korea. 

SB19 was supposed to be performers only at company events and activities, but CEO Geong Seong Han decided to launch them as a boy group. Talk about solid intuition. 

3. Forged in fire: SB19 was trained exactly like K-pop idols.

The members were selected from hundreds of auditionees during a talent search in 2016. After that, they underwent the same type of training provided to proven and tested K-pop idols.

4. Origin story: The name ‘SB19’ isn’t just random letters and numbers.

Have you ever wondered what ‘SB19’ meant? Apparently, the letters ‘S’ and ‘B’ were from the initials of their Korean management company, ShowBT. The number 19 was derived from the addition or subtraction of the country codes of South Kore (82) and the Philippines (63). The name ‘SB19’ symbolizes the collaboration of the two countries in the formation and success of the group.

Meanwhile, the group themselves defines ‘SB’ as ‘sound break’. This is because of their goal of breaking into the music industry.

5. The long road: SB19’s success wasn’t immediate.

SB19 wasn’t all glory. At first, when they dropped their first song “Tilaluha,” it got off to a fairly slow start. But they didn’t give up. They worked harder. Little did they know then that it was during the release of their second single “Go Up” when things – quite poetically – started to “go up.” They became stars.

Now, they have gone on to become one of the most exciting and successful break-out acts in the nation in quite some time.

6. Ready for the world: SB19 is slowly being known around the globe.

SB19 attended its first international live performance at the Dubai Exhibition Centre for ‘Expo 2020’ last March 2022. This performance marks the fact the SB19, indeed, is going to be unstoppable in the next few years. And they’ve only just begun.

7. History-makers: The first Southeast Asians in history to be nominated for the Billboard Music Awards.

SB19 was nominated for the Top Social Artist in the Billboard Music Awards last May 2021. The group found themselves alongside industry giants such as BTS, Seventeen, Blackpink, and Ariana Grande. This was the first time a Filipino act was nominated in the BBMA. In fact, this was the first time any representative from Southeast Asia was nominated in the BBMA.

8. Following footsteps: Their song “Bazinga” Surpassed BTS’s “BUTTER”.

You can shout it out for everyone to hear. SB19 is the band that bested one of BTS’s Billboard chart records. Just this January, the group’s new song “Bazinga” sat comfortably on No. 1 for seven consecutive weeks, making it the longest-running leader in the list’s history.

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9. Homegrown: SB19 is 100% Pinoy.

19 Reasons Why SB19 is The New Face of Pinoy Pop

SB19 isn’t your run-of-the-mill a la K-pop boy band. The group is 100% Filipino, and that’s something to be proud of. Why? Because we’ve proven that we can keep up with the best at their own game. SB19 showcases what Filipinos can truly be capable of.

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10. Social stewards: SB19 consistently donates to charity.

SB19 is known to be generous. For example: when Taal Volcano erupted last 2020, the group launched a relief operation to help the victims. They also donated Php 200,000 to Autism Society Philippines (ASP) just AFTER winning the 5th Wish 107.5 Music awards.

And lastly, they donated 1.8 MILLION WON to Save the Children Korea through the Stan World “Donations S2 Launching Event.” It’s one thing to be famous, charming, and good at what you do. But consistently and generously giving back? Now, that’s a rare quality.

11. Cultural icons: NCCA recognizes SB19.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) named SB19 as its newest Youth and Sentro Rizal ambassadors last December 2021. SB19 now represents Filipino culture and stories in the global scene.

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12. Hugot kings: Every song means something to a member.

For SB19, their songs mean something. They’re very sentimental. Mostly, they’re dedicated to lost love or crushes, but perhaps this is why people are so enamored with them.

13. Closely knit: SB19 has chemistry on and off the stage.

It’s one thing to be a solid dance troupe on a stage, but it’s another thing when you gel so well off of it. SB19 isn’t just a hodgepodge of randoms around the country. They’ve rubbed off on each other so well that looking at them is kind of looking at very close siblings.

14. The Oppa Effect: Josh’s Fluid Movement

The group’s “Oppa (older brother)”. Josh Cullen Santos, known simply as “Josh”, is notoriously the SB19’s sleepiest member. Given that Josh is the lead dancer, lead rapper, and a sub-vocalist of the group, no wonder our resident sleepyhead snores so loudly that the other members can’t sleep.

15. The Wordsmith: Pablo’s Delicate Lyricism

The group’s leader. John Paulo Nase, or ‘Pablo’, was trained the longest. He is SB19’s main rapper and lead vocalist. According to the other boys in the group, he is apparently the “most romantic” member of SB19. This is unsurprising since Pablo is the main composer and writer of the group’s songs.

16. High Impact: Stell’s Booming Talent

Stellvester Arejo, or “Stell”, is the main vocalist and lead dancer of the group. Born in Las Piñas in 1995, the talented dancer is the one who envisions the group’s choreography. Not only that, but he also has the highest singing voice in the group. Talk about brimming with God-given talent!

17. Electric Avenue: Ken’s Contagious Energy

Ken of SB19

Ken, or Felip Jhon Suson, is SB19’s main dancer, lead vocalist, and lead rapper. And though he admits that he sometimes forgets the choreography, his electrifying dance moves and infatuating voice more than makes up for it.

18. Heart Stopper: Justin’s Youthful Charm

Justin of SB19

Justin De Dios, or “Justin”, is the “bunso (youngest)” of SB19. He is their creative director, is in charge of the group’s visuals, and is the sub-vocalist. Apparently, Justin is the most punctual member and also won 1st place on 100 Asian Heartthrobs of 2021.

19. Onward and upward: Up, Up, and Away!

So far, SB19 has demonstrated that they have a massive online presence on social media. These are early days for the group, and they still have a long way to go before they become proper breakout stars around the world.

At the moment, SB19 continues to make impressive numbers and the future is bright. We are in an age when more Asian stars are reaching audiences in the Western and world market than ever before. So it’s definitely only a matter of time until they consistently have massive songs and bestselling albums on an international level under their belt.

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