BTS’ 11th Anniversary: An ARMY’s Open Letter

June 13 was BTS’ 11th anniversary. But, we ARMYs make it a month-long celebration! Here’s our open letter to the septet to commemorate their milestone.

The Journey Begins

Dear BTS,

From that fateful day on June 13, 2013, we’ve witnessed the 7 of you come together with a dream and a message. Every time you’re on stage, your unique charms and talents create something magical. We can recall your rookie days, from the endless rehearsals to your performances in small venues. Despite these circumstances, you never gave up. Because these moments led you to become the superstars who inspire millions of people.

The Power of Music

As years passed, your music has evolved, telling stories of youth, struggle, love, and self-acceptance. We found solace in lyrics that often felt personal. Your passion and authenticity resonated deeply with us, creating a bond that transcends language and culture.

The Special Bond with ARMY

We’ve marveled at your unwavering commitment to our fandom, ARMY. The connection between BTS and ARMY is unique and beautiful. Through thick and thin, you made it clear that we are integral to your journey. Whether through heartfelt messages, social media interactions, or live performances, we’ve felt seen, heard, and appreciated.

Celebrating Milestones

Because this year marks BTS’ 11th anniversary, we reflect on your countless milestones and achievements. From record-breaking albums to sold-out stadium tours and historic awards, you’ve consistently shattered expectations and set new standards. Yet, through it all, you remain humble, grounded, and focused on spreading positivity and love.

Looking Ahead

As you evolve and explore new horizons, both as a group and as 7 artists, we’re excited for the future. We look forward to more music, memories, and moments of connection. We wants the 7 of you to know that we’ll always cheer and support you every step of the way.

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June may be ending, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating BTS’ 11th anniversary! Here’s to many more years of extraordinary achievements and unforgettable moments with our precious 7.

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