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Check Out This Unsinkable Rescue Boat Made by a Pinoy Inventor

When a typhoon hits and people need to be evacuated, the importance of a good rescue boat is paramount. Now, thanks to a Filipino inventor, a one-of-a-kind rescue boat has been developed. What makes it special? It’s unsinkable.

Learned from Experience

After witnessing the destruction caused by Typhoon Ketsana (locally named “Ondoy”) nine years ago, Ronald Pagsanghan thought of developing an unsinkable boat.

He said that rescue operations were delayed due to heavy flooding that proved too much for existing boats. “Rubber boats could not maneuver at the height of the flood,” Pagsanghan said.

“That horrible experience gave me the idea of developing an unsinkable boat designed for rescue operations in flooded areas,” he added.

Tried and Tested

Pagsanghan successfully tested a prototype in 2011.

“My portable unsinkable boat is primarily designed for flooded areas in urban areas and rivers,” he explained.

In 2012, he received awards for his invention from the Rotary Club of Manila and Manila Polo Club. From that point onward, local government from Isabela, Bulacan, Quezon, and more have purchased unsinkable portable rescue boats from him.

Pagsanghan ensured that his boat won’t sink during rescue operations and even under heavy weather. With such amazing capability, it was no surprise that his invention was a main attraction in the recent Filipino Inventors Week held at SM North EDSA’s Skydome.

Inventors Need Support

As a parting message, Pagsanghan urged the government to fully extend its help in promoting his invention. He likewise encouraged the promotion of the works of other Filipino inventors. Doing this, he says, will benefit the country and its people.

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