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Check This Out: Professional Filipinos on Youtube

The number of Covid-19 cases have been fluctuating in the past months. For professionals, this has meant less store hours, less face-to-face interactions, etc. However, these professional Filipinos on YouTube chose to extend their office hours and branches to all kababayans regarding their services. 

Cacao Culture

Thanks to them, we now have added access to free info on health and wellness, financial health, and anything about the law and our justice system. As we Filipinos say, “Share your blessings!” and in this case — your knowledge.

The past months have taught us how to be more resourceful and resilient with our gifts. While some had to completely shift gears to pursue their dreams and make a living, there are those who chose to maximize what they have in order to benefit themselves and other people. 

Pro Knowledge Online, 24/7

Honestly, we can say that we’re online almost all the time now. Whether you’re working from home or going online to catch the latest news on your News Feeds — being online has its perks.

One of which is being able to provide service to those who need it. To our professional Filipinos on YouTube, thank you for the knowledge and entertainment.

Aside from lifestyle and entertainment content growing in the Filipino YouTube community, our friendly professionals from various industries have also been on the rise. 

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For some, what started out as their personal social media accounts, turned into legitimate profiles of assistance to all. With clear and concise content, free interactions, and a growing community, too! 

Choose an industry and you’ll be in luck to find professional Filipinos on YouTube ready to give you information on what has bugged you lately on a particular topic. 

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We’ve seen various versions of community pantries in the last weeks, and thankfully the community of professional Filipinos on YouTube have grown too. 

You can find teachers offering various lessons from elementary to high school subjects, such as Teacher Jossa’s Youtube Channel. Teachers on the other hand can gain new knowledge especially with online learning from the YouTube channel of the 21st Century Teacher.

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Doctors are in for general knowledge about family medicine and wellness tips with Doc Willie Ong and Doc Alvin Francisco. You can also visit Doc Willie Ong’s Facebook page for written and detailed information of what he has posted on his YouTube channel. 

While many remain stuck at home, this also gave rise to opportunities to improve work-from-home setups. Home improvement tips, and Facebook groups such as the largely popular Home Buddies have surged. 

Tips, Info, and More

Get tips from Pinoy architects such as Oliver Austria and Karlo Marko. These can also be supported with house-based tips from celebrity engineer Slater Young. These professionals share their expertise by providing their personal experiences as examples. 

Of course, legal services/knowledge are available too. Content from Atty. Tina Amador-Robles can go from personal to professional, and in a manner where it feels like you’re talking to a friend about law, our justice system, etc. YouTube channels such as Batas Pinoy and Atty. Bacon Palacio will help you dissect and understand our law with ease.

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And last, but definitely not least, various financial literacy tips presented in bite-sized content for everyone are available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Simply Finance (Instagram), and Your Trusty Financial Consultant (Facebook) are some of our favorites.

While our frontline workers have been battling this pandemic in hospitals and other health facilities, and we can’t thank them enough, these professionals on YouTube have also been on the frontlines. They have continued on with their purpose of providing their professional services, so let’s thank them, too.

It’s what proponents of responsible technology use always envisioned — reaching more Filipinos, and contributing to a #BetterPhilippines.

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