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Free PH Online Classes for Every Juan

Online classes is the key, for now. With no face-to-face classes until a COVID-19 vaccine is available, learning will be a struggle for many.

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For our youth, the Department of Education is busy finding ways to augment the migration to blended learning. But for the rest of us, we’ve compiled a list of available local online learning platforms. They range from agriculture to art, to fuel our desire to learn more amidst this pandemic.

Learn art with teacher Robert from Papemelroti

Art is a universal language. It provides us information, gives solutions, and above all, it inspires. And who says learning how to draw or sketch is solely for kids?

Enhancing our illustration skills can be done at any age, that’s why teacher Robert Alejandro, owner and resident artist at Papemelroti offers a free and simple art class through Facebook live and are archived in Papemelroti’s Youtube account

Relive a passion or learn a new skill with TESDA’s free online programs

Whether you’re planning to use the skills to open your own business or enhance your available knowledge about photography or baking etc., TESDA has over 11 industry online programs available on their website, and all are free.

Just head on over to the TESDA website, create an account, and select your desired program.

Flex your green thumb with urban gardening and other agricultural courses from The Agricultural Training Institute

While buying local lets us appreciate our country’s produce, producing them ourselves would mean much more. Learn about the basics and importance of gardening, whether you’re in the suburbs, or you have backyard or balcony space available in your city apartment. As we’ve learned in this pandemic, food among the most essential of goods!

Aside from growing your own crops, get to know more about livestock & poultry, fisheries, social technology, and sustainable agriculture as well. Visit their page for more details on the online classes.

This pandemic has challenged everyone, especially our faith and hope for the future. The educational sector is one of the many greatly affected by this ‘new normal’ but it’s not going anywhere. It’s up for us to pick it up, help our youth, and step up into new roles.

Things might take a while to go back to normal, so we’re thankful for these initiatives that shine a light and lead an example. Reminding us that knowledge is power and education can be innovative.

From the words of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal himself, “On this battlefield man has no better weapon than his intelligence, no other force than his heart.”

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