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The Return of a Diva: Deb Victa Soars with ‘American Boy’

In the dynamic realm of music, artists constantly seek reinvention. Deb Victa, recognized from “The Voice of the Philippines” Season One, embarks on a captivating journey with her latest release, the invigorating single, “American Boy.”

A Decade of Melodic Reflections

Ten years into her musical journey, Deb contemplates the impact of “American Boy.” Originating as her blind audition piece on “The Voice,” the song emerges with a modern twist, marking her triumphant return. Gratitude fills her heart as she acknowledges manager Garth Garcia of Starlink Music for encouraging this musical revival.

Behind the Scenes Magic: Revamping Estelle with Local Flair

Collaborating with San Diego’s DJ Mysterkeyz, Deb transforms the Estelle classic into a contemporary masterpiece. Purpose Driven Records refines vocal arrangements, ensuring “American Boy” carries Deb’s distinct artistic signature.

Mentorship and Musical Growth

Recalling her “The Voice” days, Deb expresses gratitude to Bamboo for guiding her artistic evolution. Choosing Team Kamp Kawayan over initial inclinations toward Teams Sarah or FamiLea, Deb realizes Bamboo’s profound impact on shaping her sound and artistic identity.

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From Araneta to the States: Unfolding Opportunities

“The Voice” opened doors beyond a competition; it led Deb Victa from Araneta to secure regular gigs across city lounges and bars, where she maximized every chance to showcase her talent. A year later, she took her music stateside, marking a new chapter.

Stateside Success: Fil-Am Shows to the Walt Disney Concert Hall

In the U.S., Deb continued making waves, consistently opening for Fil-Am-produced shows and gracing the stage at the Walt Disney Concert Hall with the Filipino American Symphonic Orchestra. Despite challenges, her unyielding faith in God and unwavering family support fueled her remarkable journey.

Faith, Family, and Future Musical Chapters

Standing at the crossroads of her musical career, Deb’s faith remains unwavering, echoing the conviction she held a decade ago. “American Boy” signifies not just a musical comeback but a testament to her resilience and growth as an artist.

In an industry of constant transformations, Deb Victa exemplifies enduring passion and talent. “American Boy” isn’t just a song; it’s a reflection of an artist evolving, persevering, and ready to conquer new horizons. As the notes of “American Boy” echo, Deb’s journey continues, proving that true artistry knows no bounds.

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