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90s OPM Icons: Where Are They Now?

The 90s was probably the most influential era in the Filipino music scene. Some may even argue that it was the golden age of OPM. Here are some of the 90s OPM icons who didn’t just define the generation but also left a lasting impact on indie culture.


Often dubbed the “Beatles of the Philippines,” Eraserheads remain one of the most influential bands in OPM history. Though they disbanded in 2002, they’ve reunited for several concerts. Frontman Ely Buendia has become more successful in his solo career. He has explored various genres and founded Offshore Music Philippines, a music label for the new generation. He is also active in his current group, Apartel. Buddy Zabala remains active with The Dawn, and Raymund Marasigan with Sandwich.


It’s always Heads or Maya. Which crowd do you belong to? Rivermaya went through numerous lineup changes over the years. Original frontman Bamboo Mañalac left in 1998 to pursue a solo career, later forming the band Bamboo. Rico Blanco, another key member, departed in 2007 and has since enjoyed a successful solo career. Perfecto De Castro, the band’s original lead guitarist, who wrote the iconic “214” and “Awit ng Kabataan” guitar solos, is now an influential guitar YouTuber. Rivermaya remains active with Mark Escueta and Nathan Azarcon. Alongside the band’s longest-serving guitarist, Mike Elgar.


If you’re familiar with them, you must have partied hard in the 90s. According to Basti Artadi, the group had been lying dormant and was never officially disbanded, contrary to what most fans assumed. Wolfgang only officially ended recently after Basti went on tour in the US in 2022, following the sad passing of bassist Mon Legaspi. But they continue to keep heavy metal alive. Lead guitarist Manuel Legarda plays with Razorback, and Wolf Gemora is now a US-based drummer.

AfterImage and Introvoys

These two 90s OPM icons dominated the airwaves with hits like “Next in Line,” “Line to Heaven,” “Habang May Buhay,” and “Will I Survive.” Introvoys were widely popular and commercially successful, earning the title of “The No. 1 Band in the Land” from a pop radio station. They were consistently compared, running neck and neck. AfterImage reunited in 2016 with original members Wency Cornejo and Bobit Avila. Introvoys relocated to the United States and continued to perform and release music.

Parokya ni Edgar

Parokya ni Edgar is one of the few bands from the 90s that has maintained a consistent presence in the music industry. They haven’t been shuffling their lineup around like a deck of cards. Nope, it’s been the same crew. Led by Chito Miranda, they continue to release new music and perform regularly. Their relatable songs have kept them relevant and beloved by fans across generations.


Teeth, known for their hit song “Laklak,” disbanded in the early 2000s but has reunited for occasional performances. They were recently spotted in La Union. Members Glenn Jacinto and Jerome Velasco pursued other musical projects, while the band still enjoys a cult following.


Yano, known for their socially relevant songs, disbanded in 1997 but occasionally reunites for special performances. Lead vocalist Dong Abay has pursued a solo career, remaining active in the music and arts community.

The Youth

The Youth, led by frontman Dodong Cruz, remains active in the music scene. They continue to perform and participate in various rock festivals, keeping the spirit of 90s Pinoy rock alive.

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The legacy of these 90s OPM icons lives on through their music and the new generations of fans discovering their work. While some have evolved and others have faced challenges, their contributions to the Philippine music industry remain invaluable.


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