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SM-DOST Partner for a Resilient Tomorrow

SM-DOST to the rescue, for a Greener Philippines!

Last February 24, SM Prime partnered with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), as they officially launched an exhibit showcasing ongoing efforts in sustainability and disaster resilience.

“As one of the country’s leading and trusted integrated property developers, SM Prime Holdings takes its responsibility to the environment and community seriously,” SM Supermarket President Steven Tan said.

Aside from securing livelihoods, business continuity, and economic prosperity, Tan believes that it is equally – if not, more important – to mitigate the impact of climate change in the country.

The exhibit of the SM-DOST joint initiative features various programs and management systems that have been developed and have proven invaluable over decades. Collectively, they establish a replicable blueprint from SM, and a model for a sustainable and disaster-resilient Philippines.

These projects include the following:

Water Management

As SM Prime builds and develops a community, they keep in mind nature and the environment in every move. There’s no better proof of this than the water management system they’ve created. They invest in thorough recycling programs to save fresh water and reuse wastewater. Furthermore, they have efficient plumbing fixtures and equipment that supports this system. And on top of that, they utilize rainfall to aid in water shortages.

Today, they use water catchment basins across 20 SM malls via rainwater harvesting. It can store almost 80 million liters each time it rains, just about 32 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This means the malls are self-sufficient and no longer depend on freshwater sources for use, which can greatly deduct the consumption of water per area. To put it simply, almost 42 billion glasses of water are being saved by SM!

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Energy Management

Besides water management, SM has also taken huge strides in mitigating energy consumption, namely significant investments in solar panels. SM has also turned to energy-efficient LED lighting systems to power 10 SM Supermalls, saving up to 10 million kWh per year, enough to fully charge 862 million smartphones!

As a result, this energy management can reduce consumption by 28% and carbon emissions by 31%. Moreover, by the end of 2022, SM’s energy sources will come from renewable and clean energy resources. Enough to cover the electric consumption of 260,000 households in a single day. Just brilliant.

Waste Management

SM-DOST also commit to responsible waste management disposal. From reducing to recycling, to waste composting programs, SM Prime continues to care for the environment through improving our day-to-day habits. They recognize the value of communities in these efforts, remaining relentless in promoting and taking actions to lessen carbon footprint and pollution.

Building Structures

SM remains deeply committed to green design and technology, constructing and equipping their buildings with the best and latest in world-class practices. Today, they design more ventilated buildings for easy airflow, and make sure they’re filled with lots of surrounding greenery.

Outside, there are more and more spaces that are pedestrian-centered and bike-friendly, including parking design that reduces vehicular emissions.

On the front of disaster resilience, SM-DOST comply with disaster-resilient building design, cutting-edge technology, and automated weather stations. In line with this, the company continuously allocates 10% of its capital expenses in features in its properties.

The long-standing partnerships of SM-DOST together with its business units is a gold standard in what can be achieved when the private and public sectors collaborate. These are huge strides in creating concrete and long-term solutions in line with sustainability and disaster-risk reduction goals of the country.

Involved in these advocacies are SM Prime’s business units of SM Supermalls, SMDC Residences, the Commercial Property Group, Leisure Resorts (Tagaytay Highlands and Pico de Loro), and the Hotels and Convention Center.

The country thanks you for your efforts, SM! For a #BetterPhilippines with a resilient tomorrow!

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