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Filipina Champions of Sustainability

Meet these 5 women champions of sustainability leading green projects in the government and in the private sector

As we learn to adapt to the new normal, maybe it’s about time we also rethink our old blighting ways? Considerably, the path to sustainability is not going to be as easy. But thank heavens, these amazing Filipina leaders already paved the way for us.

Meet these women champions of sustainability who are leading green projects around the Philippines!

Filipina Champions of Sustainability
Taken from the Secretary’s Instagram. Captioned. “Better days are ahead♥️🙌🏻”

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat

This Filipina is considered a champion of sustainability for her undying belief in sustainable tourism. She pushes for ecotourism as she considers it a driver for economic development in the Philippines. Ever since her celebrated appointment in May 2018, she has focused on slowly reviving each province’s rich cultural heritage. Using each community’s rich diversity and ecotourism potential, as a driving force to boost the whole country’s development. Not to mention, she also initiates projects for green tourism infrastructure all over the country!

Filipina Champions of Sustainability
Senator Loren Legarda takes to her Instagram for expressing her love for nature and planting

Senator Loren Legarda

Ever since she started her career as a journalist, Loren Legarda has been a household name in the Philippines. But being a three-term senator was when she really made a huge impact for the country’s movement towards sustainability. In her early days as a public servant, she had authored and enacted her first law focusing on the environment. Which is none other than the Ecological Solid Waste Management Law of 2000. She is also the reason why environmental awareness education is woven into the Philippine school curriculum until today!

Lately, she has been busy working towards mitigation and adaptation solutions that can help our country rise from the devastating pandemic. And if there’s any leader in the country who did the most to protect our environment, it would most likely be the Senator herself!

Filipina Champions of Sustainability
An excerpt from the docuseries, “Flavorful Journeys: Exploring ASEAN Cuisine”

ASEAN Ladies Foundation chair Ma. Lourdes Locsin

Next in our champions of sustainability is also the chairperson behind the DFA Ladies Foundation, International Bazaar Foundation, along with the ASEAN Ladies Foundation. She is the driver that makes sure our country steers collaborative projects with the 10 embassies of the ASEAN member states. And she has been doing this not only to preserve our vast cultural heritage, but also to spread the awareness of it. Recently, she has partnered with ALF president, Linda Rahmanto of Indonesia, to bring us a wonderful docuseries on the different heritage cuisines from Southeast Asian countries. In achieving this, she has also successfully highlighted our own!

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KatutuboPH founder Mons Romulo, proudly wears local on her Instagram

KatutuboPH founder Mons Romulo

Since she opened her brand in 2016, KatutuboPH has rooted its core values in supporting our indigenous people. Along with all parts of their culture but most specially, preserving their sacred weaving patterns. This in turn, resulted in economic growth and independence for the indigenous artists’ individual communities. This not only makes her a champion of sustainability but also makes her the perfect example of what a responsible entrepreneur should be. Along with uplifting rural development, KatutuboPH also brought forth a new generation of weavers who are now inspired to take on the path of their ancestors. In hopes of preserving our rich and colorful culture, for generations to come.

Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano

Pasay City Mayor Imelda Calixto-Rubiano

Since her first flag ceremony as mayor in 2019, she let it be known that her priority is to put the needs of her people first. And according to Pasay citizens, she has not disappointed. She has improved the city’s healthcare since being elected. What makes her a champion of sustainability is her efforts in the betterment of urban life. As well as, expressing concern in building infrastructure in pursuit of such. She has then partnered with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for various infrastructure projects such as roads and drainage systems, school buildings, barangay halls, multi-purpose covered courts, multi-purpose buildings, etc. – all with sustainability in mind! It is also her special focus in diversity, inclusion, and expanding opportunities for PWDs that makes her an exceptional leader amongst others.

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Going sustainable is just a small step that we can take to adapt to the rapidly changing climate. And hopefully, prevent another pandemic from happening.

These strong and inspiring women champions of sustainability are actively doing their part. Not only to preserve our rich biodiversity, but also to secure a safer home for the future generations of the Filipino people.

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