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Sitel’s CEO Believes TRAIN 2 Can Help Attract Countryside BPO Investments

THE FUTURE IS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE. That’s what Sitel Philippines Chief Operating Officer Craig Reines believes in especially for the BPO industry.

The leading business process outsourcing company, while already delighted with the current administration’s efforts to decongest Metro Manila and promote the development of rural areas, is still hoping that the final version of the second tax reform package can help make the countryside more appealing to investors. One way to do this is to improve the incentives for companies, according to Reines.

“In general, we’re extremely pleased with this administration’s drive to develop the countryside. We think that’s the future of the Philippines, especially for the BPO industry,” he said.

“Right now the corporate tax holiday is frankly the most interesting fiscal incentive for all of us because it’s worth a lot of money. But that’s all they’ve got, and they take it away. They need to enhance and tweak these other elements of incentives to make it interesting and better,” Reines added.


Reines also said that the final outcome of TRAIN 2 would certainly have an impact in the company’s plans for the country next year.

Sitel has a brand-new facility in Tarlac while an expansion project in Palawan is already in the pipeline. The new facilities, according to Reines, will add between 3,000 to 6,000 people to its current workforce of 22,000.

“We’re extremely focused on countryside development so the big plan this year is to continue to identify those locations that have the right mix of infrastructure and people resources. This year is really about identifying those new markets,” he said.

Sitel is looking at 13 locations outside Metro Manila including areas in both Visayas and Mindanao.

“Of course, you have countries in other parts of the world that are desperately trying to motivate companies to invest there versus the Philippines. As a leader in my business, I have to look at all the options that are available and the best overall set of incentives that will motivate us for our next investment,” he said.

via The Philippine Star / Richmond Mercurio

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