#rp612fic and Why We Make History Funny

Pinoys love to poke fun at historical and even current events. Why is that? Let’s look at #rp612fic, for example.

What is #rp612fic?

The hashtag originated on X (formerly Twitter) and is used every June 12 to commemorate Independence Day. It’s a combination of the initials “rp” for the “Republic of the Philippines,” “612” for June 12, and “fic” for fiction.

Here, we share fictional stories, memes, and other content that blends humor and history. Now, let’s check out why we make these in the first place.

Cultural Resilience

When faced with adversity, we resort to humor as a coping mechanism. So when we make content out of historical events, we learn to deal with colonial experiences and societal issues in a light-hearted way. 

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Education and Awareness

Memes, for example, are an accessible medium to educate and inform younger generations about historical events. When we make these events relatable and shareable, we can open discussions about our past. That way, our history is passed on in an engaging manner.

Social Commentary

Funny historical content, like those under #rp612fic, often contains layers of social and political commentary. 

We use humor to critique and reflect on historical figures, events, and their relevance in today’s time. We then express our opinions on current issues by drawing parallels with the past, often highlighting recurring patterns or injustices.

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Community and Identity

Creating and sharing funny content fosters a sense of community and a shared identity. We do have a rich yet tumultuous history, so these works become a collective expression of our shared experiences and sentiments. Most importantly, they reinforce cultural identity and solidarity through social media.

Creativity and Wit

The way we cleverly interpret historical events in a funny way shows how resourceful and ingenious we are. That’s because we can churn creative content from even the most serious or tragic events!

Digital Savviness 

The Philippines rates high in social media usage, which makes us very tech-savvy. Plus, the popularity of memes, for example, aligns with our active online presence. So, it’s natural for us to engage in history in both an entertaining and easily accessible format. 

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Through #rp612fic, we use humor and creativity to engage with our past and foster cultural pride. By making memes and other witty content, we educate, entertain, and strengthen our shared identity.

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