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Piliin mo ang Pilipinas: Who Did It Best?

Here are the best entries on the latest TikTok challenge, Piliin mo ang Pilipinas

Have you seen the cool #PiliinMoAngPilipinas trend on TikTok? It’s all about showing off the amazing Filipino culture in fun and creative ways! Filipino creators are going viral with their “Piliin mo ang Pilipinas” videos, and here are some of the coolest ones:

Leni Aycardo: Bringing Filipino Eras to Life

First, we have Leni Aycardo, a makeup whiz with 5 million followers who takes us on a trip through Philippine history! With makeup and clothes, she shows how beauty standards and outfits changed over time. It’s like a history lesson you can watch!

Jomar Yee: Comedy Meets Culture

Jomar Yee is a comedy content creator known for his “budol” product reviews. But for his “Piliin mo ang Pilipinas” challenge, he puts a comedic spin on Filipino fashion! From old-school outfits to what’s hot today, Jomar makes learning about Filipino culture laugh-out-loud funny.

Kath Melendez: Celebrating Kapampangan Heritage

This TikTok star with 3.9 million followers is all about her Kapampangan roots. Her video is a beautiful tribute to the culture of Pampanga. It starts with a traditional song and ends with a stunning “lantern gown,” which is a big deal in Pampanga’s lantern festival.

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VICE GANDA: A Touching Tribute to the Philippines


The famous comedian puts a heartfelt spin on the “Piliin mo ang Pilipinas” challenge. His video shows the good and the bad things about the Philippines. But in the end, he says something super touching: “Even though it’s hard to fight for you, I still choose you, Philippines.” It’s a reminder to be proud of our country, no matter what.

Jomar Lovena: A Cinematic Journey Through Philippine History

Finally, we have Jomar Lovena and he even made two amazing videos. One shows the wild history of the Philippines, from way back when to the rise of young Filipinos today. The other video talks about recent events like COVID-19, and celebrates awesome Filipinos like Catriona Gray and Hidilyn Diaz. Jomar’s videos are like mini-movies that show how strong and united Filipinos are.

These TikTok stars are doing more than just a trend. They’re reminding everyone how cool Filipino culture is! So, if you haven’t yet, dive into the “Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas” trend and discover the rich cultural tapestry that makes the Philippines truly unique!

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