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Pasay Monorail: A Sign of Exciting Things to Come

How do you increase the business activity in a particular area? Well, that’s easy, you create transportation that will provide better access to key business infrastructure! That is why the Pasay Monorail will be a game-changer. For the city, its businesses, its people, and more. But that’s not all…

What is it?

The Department of Transportation (DOTr), Pasay City LGU, and SM Group are collaborating on a world-class monorail project. Its center station will be built at the iconic SM Mall of Asia globe. This monorail system will be similar to those seen abroad like the Sentosa Express in Singapore, the Kuala Lumpur Monorail, and the Okinawa Urban Monorail, and is anticipated to promote economic activity in its course. It will surely boost particular areas surrounding its future stations.

As a first phase, the Pasay monorail will make the Bay Area more accessible by linking the intersection of EDSA and Taft Avenue with Diokno Boulevard. Once operational, it will be interlinked with other transport systems like EDSA Greenways. 

The DOTr will receive a portion of the monorail’s fare income. They are at 1% for fares under P15, 2% for fares between P15 and P30, and 3% for fares over P30.

The Beauty of the Monorail System

Economic activity that will result from the Pasay Monorail is just one advantage. From its construction through operation, thousands of Filipinos will have jobs. As more businesses spring in the affected neighborhoods and more are employed, opportunities will continue to grow. Additionally, after seeing a proven success story from this monorail development, global investors will surely invest in our country.

But why a monorail in the first place? The single-column structure is advantageous to narrow thoroughfares, and simply requires less real estate. Eminent domain concerns become easier, as well as funding (while completely shouldered by the private partner – SM Prime in this case).

Adding such a system to the variety of transport options in a place like Metro Manila is also a welcome change. It can never be just subways, or just buses, or just bike lanes. No efficient city in the world relies on just one or a few transport options. It’s in the phrase already – people should have options.

Such mass transport solutions also undoubtedly help with attempts to lower carbon emissions. Given that we continue our battle against climate change, this is a win-win situation for both the people and the environment.

It’s All Connected

To sum it all up, the Pasay Monorail is like a signal flare of exciting things to come. A reminder to keep building, keep connecting, keep improving an urban sprawl like Metro Manila. We cannot ever give up on finding solutions, and keep working on these problems that affect the quality of life of millions of people.

We look forward to this monorail project and more dependable, safe, and stress-free commuting options for Metro Manilenyos!

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