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Coming Soon: Pasay’s 15-Minute City

What if you could go anywhere in a city within 15 minutes?

For many people in Metro Manila, commuting remains a daily struggle. Traffic jams and long queues make it hard to get anywhere quickly. However, a new development in Pasay City promises to change this with a revolutionary concept called the 15-minute city.

What exactly is it?

The 15-minute city is an urban planning concept that aims to make life easier and more convenient. Imagine being able to walk or bike to work, school, stores, and parks in just 15 minutes. Carlos Moreno, a professor at Sorbonne University in Paris, birthed this idea. Furthermore, it focuses on making everything you need, close to home!

Pasay City’s Innovative Development

In order to break the status quo of NCR cities, Pasay is planning to build a huge, 360-hectare smart city. Additionally, this new city will be designed for over 300,000 residents. It will provide a sustainable, inclusive, and healthy living environment.

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Features of the Smart City

Pasay’s new 15-minute city will have several exciting features:

  • Low carbon mobility networks with public transport options
  • Infrastructure for active mobility like walking and biking
  • Electric vehicle charging stations in parking lots
  • Dedicated bike lanes and easily accessible public transport hubs
  • Safe and unimpeded pedestrian walkways

Benefits for Residents

Furthermore, living in this 15-minute city will mean lower transportation costs and less pollution. Residents will be healthier and happier because they can walk or bike to most places they need to go. Additionally, no more long hours stuck in traffic or waiting in line for buses!

Economic Impact of a 15-Minute City

This Pasay project isn’t just good for the environment and residents. It’s expected to bring in a lot of money through real estate, which means an uptick in zonal value for nearby areas, and a particular boon for the public sector. Albay 2nd district Representative Joey Salceda says that the city project is anticipated to generate billions in real estate assets for the government.

As for the construction phase demanding a labor force, it will create around 300,000 new jobs from 2027 to 2040. By 2035, it could employ 4% of the National Capital Region (NCR) workforce.

The Pasay 15-minute city is more than just a new real estate development. It’s a vision for the future. Ultimately, it aims to create a better living environment, contribute positively to the nation’s economy, and become a source of pride for all Filipinos. This city is set to change the way we live and work, making everything more accessible and convenient. Congratulations, Pasay!

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