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New Normal Habits: A List of Things We Need to Do More Right Now

Disclaimer: These things may not make the coronavirus disappear, but they may ease someone’s anxiety as we continue to live through life forever changed by a global pandemic.

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The year is still 2020 and we’re now in the month of July. While things are starting to get back online, there is no denying the fact that we still have a lot of matters to settle. Our government agencies have been working non-stop to address our concerns, especially in the health, education, and transportation sectors. While we may not have all the solutions yet, we’ve learned that a change in habit is one of the things we can do individually to help ease some of our pandemic problems. And if at the same time we can spread some hope to our fellow Filipinos, then even better!

Here are some “New Normal Habits” we need to be doing more right now:

Tip your delivery personnel or offer them snacks or drinks

Our kuya riders have been so reliable in providing us delivery services, for essential needs and beyond. Where would some of us be if not for them?

Now, traveling under the scorching sun with a mask and helmet is no joke. Let’s show our gratitude by simply offering them drinks or snacks when our packages arrive. If they’re in a hurry, a small tip can go a long way. Remember, these people wouldn’t be out there doing these jobs if they didn’t need to.

Support small business and buy local

So much in the world has changed, including the way we buy and sell things. One thing we can do to help bolster our economy is to continue supporting and purchasing from small local businesses.

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This means not just buying from your friend’s new online business, but also sharing their posts, or giving them a shoutout on social media. That takes almost no effort.

Their new online business might be their means of redemption, a response to the financial burden the pandemic has brought. They’ll really appreciate it.

On the policy front, Las Piñas Lone District Representative Camille Villar is pushing to “simplify loan procedures aimed at helping micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) at this time of the Covid-19 health crisis.”

Maximize communication tools to connect with your friends and family

While you may not see each other, don’t forget to check on your distant friends and family members. It could be a simple exchange of how-are-yous or a scheduled video call with activities in mind. This should have become part of your New Normal Habits.

Having someone to talk to, especially in our current situation, is important to have for a clench of hope and a safe outlet for our inner woes.

Use your time efficiently

Endlessly scrolling through your social media feeds could be more harmful than helpful. Seeing countless posts on things you can’t do or places you can’t be right now can be entertaining at best, but also distracting and depressing. Try to lessen your time on Facebook or other social networking sites by doing activities that can help stimulate your brain. 

Read books, learn a new hobby, exercise, etc. You can also opt to volunteer in your barangay. Such activities can open new doors for you as well, beyond New Normal Habits.

Along with your masks and alcohol, bring kindness and patience wherever you go

Indeed, we are in troubled times. The people we meet along our weekly trips to the market may be going through rough times that we are unaware of. 

Let’s try to be patient with one another, and understand that we all have troubles of our own. A little understanding can prevent one more thing to worry about. 

Say your thank yous to anyone serving you or has done something for you. Thank a manang for keeping her sari-sari store open and providing your needs. 

Thank manong and his daily taho business. From waking you up with his iconic call to making your morning with just one sip of his sweet concoction. Thank your security guards, cashiers, grocery baggers, etc. Always say ‘thank you,’ and mean it. 

We all know a little kindness goes a long way, and it goes even further during these times.

We Filipinos are known as resilient and hospitable people, having the patience even when dealing with strangers. Those qualities are needed now more than ever, and they can take the form of New Normal Habits as we battle through this pandemic. Do your part.

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