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Your Safety vs. Covid-19 in the New Normal

Things are seemingly going back to normal…or rather, a new normal. The reality is, we’ve learned to live with the virus still among us.

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Dining in restaurants is now possible. Workers can now ride public transportation. Even travel to local destinations is now more at ease.

As we transition to this new reality, we must create an effort to partner our etiquette with the necessary health protocols. This is not just for us, but everyone’s safety, so it’s better to keep all of these in mind.

When dining in restaurants

Months of strict quarantine protocols have led a number of food establishments to temporarily or permanently shut down. This time, with their own measures in place, we can actually dine in at our favorite local restaurants to help them get back up. Follow their floor signs, seating arrangements, and wash your hands often. 

Masks and face shields are allowed to be removed when customers are already seated at their respective seats. But a little act of concern such as only removing our face masks and face shields when the food has arrived, can go a long way.

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When riding public transport

The transport sector has also been greatly affected by the new normal. Cashless is the way to go now. Options such as BEEP cards are required to pay for bus fares. As you will be using it often, make it a point to always sanitize your BEEP cards, and your hands before and after every use. Keep a small bottle of rubbing alcohol handy!

Observe social distancing inside the public utility vehicle. Usually, markers are already in place, but it’s always better to know where you should stand – 1 meter apart is best! Also, avoid talking, even on the phone. You can opt to listen to music or watch a movie from your phone, or read a book instead of sparking unnecessary conversations with people. Hooray, introverts!

When in the workplace

Workplaces either have a current skeletal workforce or are completely floor-planned for its employees with safety in mind. Do not hesitate to use the foot bath. The temperature checks and hand sanitizers or alcohol containers are there for your safety. 

If you’re feeling a little under the weather or sickly, inform your supervisor about your condition and opt to stay home and rest instead.

When at home

After going outside, sanitize all the items you brought with you, and take a bath immediately. Use your time at home to strengthen your immune system. Eat balanced and nutritious meals, exercise regularly, take needed vitamins or supplements, and get enough sleep. 

Our immune system is the last line of defense against the virus. A combination of obedience for each set protocol, plus taking actions to better our health, can result in peace of mind from catching the virus whenever, wherever. 

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines safety as, “the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury or loss.” Choosing to follow these reminders or health protocols, means prioritizing our safety no matter where we are, not just for our lives but for others as well.

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