Tug of War of San Jose Del Monte: To HUC or Not to HUC

In the heart of Bulacan, the City of San Jose Del Monte (CSJDM) aspires to achieve Highly Urbanized City (HUC) status, but this goal has created division within the community.


Founded in 1752, CSJDM is now Bulacan’s most populous city, home to over 651,813 residents. Attaining HUC status holds the promise of prosperity, akin to the bustling cities of Makati and Quezon City.

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Supporting HUC Status

Mayor Arthur Robes envisions a promising future for the city with improved healthcare, education, and digital services. He sees an opportunity to fund a city hospital and provide better services for the growing population.

Opposition to HUC Status

City Councilor Romeo Agapito, however, believes that CSJDM isn’t adequately prepared for this transition. He’s concerned that higher taxes could burden residents, especially in a city with high unemployment rates. Additionally, the loss of provincial government support and benefits is a significant concern.

The Upcoming Plebiscite

On October 30, 2023, a critical plebiscite will determine the fate of CSJDM. With a deeply divided population, the outcome remains uncertain. Recognizing the valid concerns of both sides, the future of San Jose Del Monte hangs in the balance.

Potential Consequences of the Plebiscite Decision

The upcoming San Jose Del Monte plebiscite is crucial. It will decide whether the city becomes a Highly Urbanized City (HUC) or not.

Supporters of HUC status argue that it will open doors to enhanced healthcare facilities, better educational opportunities, and a more advanced digital infrastructure. These improvements could lead to a higher quality of life for residents and attract more businesses and investments. San Jose Del Monte might emerge as a vibrant economic hub, strengthening its position within the region.

On the flip side, those opposing HUC status are concerned about the financial implications. Higher taxes might put added strain on residents, particularly those grappling with unemployment. The loss of certain benefits and provincial government support could affect vital services. Additionally, the transition itself may involve challenges and changes in the city’s governance structure.

As the plebiscite draws near, the central question persists: should San Jose Del Monte become a Highly Urbanized City? Your voice holds significance, and your vote can shape the city’s destiny.

UPDATE: How more than 800,000 voters in the province of Bulacan rejected the conversion in a plebiscite.

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