San Vicente: The Philippines’ next big eco-tourism town

It has a white sand beach 3x longer than Boracay, but what else?

Since its designation as a premier Tourism Economic Zone by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority, San Vicente, Palawan has become a preferred destination for travelers and investors. Several events of Miss Earth 2019 were held in this coastal town just before the pandemic. And recently, Megaworld announced its 40-B eco-township development which should aid the province’s tourism industry’s recovery.

But what makes this quaint town attractive to both international and domestic eyes? Well, San Vicente is home to the longest white sand beach in the Philippines and the second-longest in Southeast Asia! Additionally, the town offers more than just swimming in clear waters. While it’s a good enough reason to pay a visit, there are other places and attractions that make San Vicente more eventful and memorable. Come take a look!

Bigaho falls in San Vicente Palawan
Bigaho falls offers a nice spot to commune with nature. Image: Tikigo

Bigaho Waterfalls and Pamuayan Falls​

Located at Port Barton, the Bigaho and Pamuayan waterfalls are two unique sights tourists can visit and explore for a day. You can join a group tour or ride out on a motorcycle if you feel like going on a solo adventure. The trek to the two falls can take about two hours due to unpaved roads, but it’s well worth the effort.

Skydiving in San Vicente, Palawan.
Get a bird’s-eye view of the longest beach in the Philippines. Image: Skydiving Greater Palawan

Skydiving at Skydive Greater Palawan

If skydiving is on your bucket list, Skydive Greater Palawan (SGP) offers skydiving activities. Don’t worry if it’s your first attempt at it since you’ll be partnered with world-class instructors. However, if you’re an experienced skydiver, you can venture out on your own. It’s a must to try if you want to see a unique view of the islands.

According to SGP, expect roughly 2 hours for the whole skydiving activity, from check-in at the airport to waiting for your photos and videos.

Mangrove River Cruise at Inandeng River

San Vicente has its own river cruise at the Inandeng river. This is a chance for nature buffs to see different kinds of mangrove trees. It holds a total of 46 mangrove species, helping prevent erosion and flooding. The mangrove swamp is also home to various marine life, so you’re bound to see something interesting and Instagram-worthy here!

Several starfish underwater.
A constellation of rhino starfish in a shallow part of Starfish Island. Image: Wandering Wagars

Starfish Island

Home to different species of starfishes, Starfish Island gives you a chance to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. It’s one of the reasons why the island is a popular stopover destination for lunch and some light swimming. However, don’t foget the #1 rule here: keep your hands off the starfish. Take nothing but pictures!

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Visit San Vicente by booking a direct flight from Clark International Airport via Philippine Airlines, or if by land, via bus and shuttle from Puerto Princesa. For a full guide and list of travel requirements, you can visit their official website. See you there!

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