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The La Union Airport Takes Flight

La Union’s provincial government is starting a major project to boost tourism and attract investments. They plan to transform the La Union airport into a key regional hub.

Current Background

San Fernando Airport, located near Poro Point, is the main entry point to La Union. It is classified as a community airport in the province. Not only that, it was also designed to handle regional traffic and direct international flights. And it serves the growing number of tourists visiting Northern Luzon.

Bonus: It is a center for aviation training in the Philippines. Sixteen accredited aviation schools use its facilities for long-distance flight training.

The Potential

La Union officials are in talks with the Department of Tourism (DOTr) to upgrade and revitalize the La Union airport.

Governor Raphaelle Veronica Ortega-David believes that fully utilizing the airport’s potential could bring significant economic benefits to the region, based on her personal experiences of flying and training there.

Enhanced Connectivity and Convenience

The plan aims to modernize the airport’s infrastructure to support flights to various destinations. This will make it easier for northern Luzon residents to travel to Cebu and Siargao. Conversely, it will also help people from the Visayas and Mindanao visit the north.

And all these without having to pass through the Manila airport! Talk about avoiding traffic and lengthy travel times, right?

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Developing the airport is also part of the government’s “Build, Build, Build” program. It will enhance connectivity, foster economic growth, and create job opportunities. Plus, it will attract entrepreneurs to invest in businesses at the airport!

Now, that is what we call making it rain!

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Reviving the La Union airport is a strategic move that unlocks the province’s economic potential. And it elevates the province’s status in both aviation and tourism!

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