San Juan, La Union is a Clean Beach

A clean beach and constant waves. A common slice of paradise in the Philippines.

Famously known as one of the country’s surfing capitals, La Union has been quite the tourist hotspot for a while now. Its thrilling waves and clean beaches have been attracting surfers and non-surfers from all over.

The tropical paradise offers almost anything for any kind of tourist. From the beginner-friendly surfing lessons in San Juan, to the adrenaline pumping cliff diving at nearby Tangadan Falls.

San Juan, La Union is a Clean Beach
Photo Credit: Tracky Aganinta

There’s never a scarcity of food choices, too! San Juan alone showcases a number of restaurants that serve almost all types of cuisine. For the foodies, try the papaitan and other authentic local dishes. Nak Nak’s Eatery and Nice Eatery top our list.

At dusk, party-goers can immerse themselves in the town’s booming nightlife. On select weekends of the year, the beach stays alive ’til dawn.

And when one wants to slow down from all the surfing, eating, and partying, there’s always Clean Beach. It’s a quaint beachside cafe that’s one of our favorite reasons to visit. It’s places like this that makes LU’s beaches the perfect weekend destination.

Sunset Sessions

What sets Clean Beach apart from the other cafes we are used to in Manila, or anywhere in San Juan for that matter? Firstly, despite it being in the epicenter of the town’s tourist scene, the cafe is rarely ever jammed with people. Its spacious setup—along with the fact that it’s an actual entrance to the beach—lets it host a lot of customers without feeling. too crowded.

Clean Beach is known for its spacious beachfront area
Photo Credit: Facebook.com/CleanBeachCo

Enjoy an iced cold Batch Brew or their highly recommended Beach Clean Up Iced Tea while lounging around the sand with one of the Philippine’s best views—the entrancing La Union sunset. Whether with family, friends, or that special someone, this cafe assures a one-of-a-kind, peaceful experience that you won’t get just anywhere. Not to mention, they serve great food! Their Homemade Kaya Spread is now available to-go.

Kaya toast, anyone? Clean Beach has the best this side of town.
Photo Credit: Facebook.com/CleanBeachCo

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Business with a purpose

Aside from the apparent reasons why Clean Beach is a La Union must-visit, what truly makes them an important part of the community is their zero-waste mission. Started by eco-minded surfers, the cafe has been sustainably operating—with zero to minimal trash—since its 2017 opening.

Clean Beach on Facebook
As of June 2021, Clean Beach has installed solar panels on its roof. Solar is the way!

With the pandemic leading to cities being under lockdown, they’ve also been focused on the mission of making take-out food sustainable. They’ve been growing and positively influencing not only the locals, but also tourists who’ve visited them. From the occasional turtle hatching, to the beach clean-up initiatives, Clean Beach has been emphatically empowering and educating the people of La Union for years. Here’s to hoping they continue to stand by their ecological promise of keeping the beach clean for many more years to come!

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