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The SMC NAIA Rehabilitation Project

San Miguel Corporation has secured the winning bid for the game-changing P170.6 billion rehabilitation project for Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The SMC NAIA aims to redefine infrastructure and enhance the overall travel experience, propelling the airport to new global heights.

Strategic Upgrades

The SMC NAIA rehabilitation project introduces a comprehensive upgrade plan for essential airport components such as passenger terminals, runways, aircraft parking, and airfield lighting. The objective is to optimize operations and make travel more comfortable, and provide a modern and stress-free experience.

Safety and Efficient Facilities

A major focus of the project is enhancing airside facilities, recognizing the crucial role of well-maintained infrastructure. The project’s emphasis on safety and efficiency is evident through planned upgrades to runways, aircraft parking, and airfield lighting, ensuring compliance with and surpassing industry standards.

Adding a layer of convenience, the plan introduces state-of-the-art intermodal transfer facilities. Effortless transitions between different modes of transportation enhance the overall travel ecosystem, providing a smoother journey for passengers.

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The airport isn’t just undergoing rehabilitation; it’s on track to become a world-class hub. These extensive improvements position the SMC NAIA project to offer a modern, stress-free, and efficient travel experience. Stay tuned for updates on this pivotal project, set to elevate NAIA’s global aviation standing.

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