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P-pop Girl Groups and How They Came to Be

The Philippine pop (P-pop) industry buzzes with dynamic boy and girl groups that explore various genres and styles. Let’s delve into how P-pop girl groups have shaped and revolutionized the local music scene.


The Sexbomb Girls pioneered P-pop girl groups in 1999 on the noontime show “Eat Bulaga.” They captivated audiences with lively, danceable hits like “Spagheti Song,” “Halukay Ube,” and “Sumayaw Sumunod.”

They also starred in commercials and their own series, “Daisy Siete.”


In the 2000s, seductive yet playful groups rose to fame. The Viva Hot Babes launched in 2003 with hits like “Bulaklak” and “Kikay,” while the Mocha Girls debuted in 2006 with songs like “Hawak Mo Aking Kamay” and “Delisciosa.”

In 2009, Pop Girls targeted a younger audience with their debut single “Crazy Crazy.” And fun fact: Nadine Lustre was in the original line-up!


During the 2010s, 4th Impact and MNL48 gained prominence in the P-pop industry.

4th Impact is comprised of sisters Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina. Initially known as The Cercados in 2001, they shot to fame in 2015 on “The X Factor (UK)” and released their debut single, “Unleash The Diva,” in 2017.

Meanwhile, MNL48 formed in 2018 as a franchise of the Japanese group AKB48 and debuted with “Aitakatta (Gustong Makita).” They have since performed extensively both locally and internationally.


The 2020s are full of groups that were put under the K-pop training system. P-pop girl groups like BINI, G22, and KAIA are prime examples.

BINI took the “bubblegum pop” genre by storm through tracks like “Pantropiko” and “Salamin, Salamin.”

On the other hand, G22 and KAIA focused on “girl crush” songs with themes of female friendships and empowerment.

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P-pop girl groups have continuously demonstrated the creativity and adaptability of Filipino artists, leaving a lasting impact on the local music scene.

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