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Manila’s Coffee Culture: The City’s Finest Coffee Roasters

Manila’s coffee culture has seen a remarkable resurgence in recent years, with the emergence of specialty coffee roasters that offer an array of high-quality coffee beans and exquisite brewing methods.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply in search of a delicious cup of joe, these coffee roasters in Manila are sure to please your palate. From local Philippine beans to imported varieties, these establishments are dedicated to serving the perfect brew. Check out some of our favorites below. And please sound off in the comments section if you’ve tried them. Cheers!

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  1. The Good Coffee

The Good Coffee, as the name suggests, is all about delivering a good cup of joe. This Manila-based roastery is dedicated to Philippine-origin coffee. There’s a particular focus on the distinctive flavors of Sagada Arabica, Kalinga Robusta, and Benguet Excelsa. They carefully source and roast their beans to ensure that every cup is a delightful experience for your tastebuds. Their commitment to using local beans is admirable. It ensures not only delicious brews, but also supports the growth of the local coffee industry!

  1. Sibs Coffee

Sibs Coffee takes coffee seriously. They’re known for their eclectic selection of imported coffee beans sourced from various corners of the globe. This roastery curates a diverse range of beans, offering customers the opportunity to savor unique flavors. These include countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, and Kenya. Sibs Coffee provides an educational experience for coffee enthusiasts, allowing the exploration of diverse coffee profiles.

  1. Single Origin

Single Origin, as the name suggests, focuses on both imported and Philippine-origin beans. This roastery provides a unique and memorable coffee experience by presenting the diverse flavors of various coffee-producing regions. From Africa to South America, they aim to highlight the terroir and characteristics that make each coffee origin special. If you’re looking for a global tour of coffee in Manila, Single Origin is the place to explore. They really embody what Manila’s coffee culture has become!

  1. Beanhi

Finally, there’s Beanhi, which has a passion for Philippine-origin coffee that is second to none. Just like The Good Coffee, they prioritize beans from Sagada Arabica, Kalinga Robusta, and Benguet Excelsa. This commitment to local coffee not only preserves traditional farming methods but also celebrates the rich flavors of the islands. Beanhi’s dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing ensures that you get a cup of coffee that’s not just delicious but also environmentally and socially responsible. Salute, Beanhi!

As you can see, Manila’s coffee culture is growing rapidly! These coffee roasters are at the forefront of this movement. We deeply admire their dedication of bringing the world of coffee to our cups.

If you’re a fan of Philippine-origin beans with their distinct flavors, there’s plenty to enjoy for you from these roasters. If you prefer to explore the rich coffee landscapes from around the globe, they have that, too.

Each of these coffee roasters has a unique approach, but they all share a common goal – to serve you the perfect brew. So, next time you find yourself in Manila, make sure to visit one or all of these exceptional coffee roasters to embark on a flavorful coffee journey like no other. Tara, kape tayo!

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