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La Niña 2024: Housekeeping for the Rainy Season

PAGASA has declared the start of the rainy season. So, it’s time that we get our houses ready for La Niña 2024. Here’s how:

1. Know your risks.

Check if the area you live in is prone to flooding, landslides, and/or strong winds. Familiarizing yourself with these risks will help you prepare more efficiently. 

2. Create an emergency plan.

Develop an emergency plan that plots local evacuation routes and the nearest evacuation centers. Moreover, make sure your family knows about this and that you have emergency contact numbers. 

3. Prepare a “go bag.”

Your “go bag” should contain the essentials. This includes food, water, medicine, important documents, a battery-powered radio, flashlights, and extra batteries.

4. Inspect and repair your home.

Check your roof to make sure it is free from leaks. Make sure your doors and windows are secured, too!

5. Stay informed.

We encourage you to follow La Niña 2024 updates, whether they’re from PAGASA or your local authorities. But if a power outage occurs, use a battery-powered radio or your phone to tune in!

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6. Avoid flooded areas.

If you’re outside, listen up! Don’t walk or drive through flooded areas, especially in low-lying areas. It also helps if you’re aware of the local flood-prone zones where you live.

7. Keep utilities safe.

It’s best to switch off your gas, electricity, and water either as instructed or if your house is damaged. Similarly, avoid using electrical appliances if the flood has gone inside.

8. Elevate important items.

Move valuables, gadgets, and important documents to higher areas. This will protect them from potential flooding inside the house.

9. Inspect for damage.

When it’s safe, check around the house for damage. Look out for structural damage, electrical issues, and signs of water damage.

10. Clean up!

Clean up any debris and contaminated water in your area. For the former, this will help avoid any physical injuries. And for the latter, this will prevent you from contracting diseases like leptospirosis and dengue.

Thorough preparation for La Niña 2024 can greatly reduce its impact on your house and family. So stay informed and prepare your necessities beforehand!

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