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How to Shoot Your Shot for your New Year’s Resolutions

Shooting your shot is the best thing you can do to commit to your New Year's Resolution!

Bring it on, 2022! We’re going to shoot our shots for our New Year’s Resolutions!

Most of us consider the coming of another year as a way to start with a blank slate, and thus – New Year’s Resolutions. But unfortunately, after a week or so, most people forget – or worse – give up. So the question is: how does one commit to one’s resolutions? Why is it so hard? And what’s the relevance of shooting a basketball to committing to New Year’s Resolutions?

Well, why don’t you put on those brand-new rubber shoes you got last Christmas, and let’s head to the court!

The Fundamentals

According to NBA.com, there are five (5) steps to properly shooting a basketball: 1.) you must ensure good balance and footing, 2.) shoot with your dominant hand, 3.) jump straight, 4.) shoot, and 5.) follow through.

It sounds so easy on paper, but what does this have to do with committing to our New Year’s Resolutions? Well, why don’t you pick up that proverbial basketball so we can start shooting!

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1. Eyes on the Prize

Hey, let’s be honest for a sec. Nobody wants to put in work. 

Everyone will take the easy route in a heartbeat if that’s what it will take. But it doesn’t work that way. That kind of mindset is what’s actually causing the first outbreak of forgotten New Year’s Resolutions.

You have to plant yourself first because a perfect shot has great footing! Meaning, you have to dedicate yourself to what you are about to do. So that you can’t be swayed away from it by anything. 

But first, you have to ask yourself ten times: “Is this what I really want?”

When it’s a perfect 10/10 “yes” every time, then it’s the right New Year’s Resolution for you. The only thing left remaining is how you do it.

2. Right or Left?

We all have our dominant hands – even for the ambidextrous. These preferred hands give us the ability and dexterity to handle complicated situations.

In basketball, this gives you the best accuracy you can possibly have. Additionally, this is also the case with committing to our New Year’s Resolutions. Planning is key! You have to figure out the way that will enable you to have the best chance of succeeding. In short, find the way that best suits you.

For example, if you want to be fit. You can either take up jogging or lift weights. Plan hard and plan well.

3. Take the Leap

You got here! That’s awesome! This part’s simple. 

This is the jump off the high cliff. Once you get here, there’s no turning back. You have to take the shot. Otherwise, you’ll be turning over the ball to the opponent. The important thing to remember is this: you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. It’s perfectly normal to be scared. That’s what happens when you get out of your comfort zone.

Even Spider-Man took a literal leap in order to overcome his fear of heights! Believe in yourself!

4. Shoot your Shot

It’s just you, the ball, and the ring. Nothing else matters. This is it – this is your shot at your New Year’s Resolution!

Remember to keep your elbows under the ball, or you won’t be shooting straight! You have to keep it tight, and remember what you achieved every step of the way! Now take that additional lap! Take that extra serving of rice off your plate! Keep that thousand-peso bill in your piggy bank!

5. Follow-Through!

They all say that 60% of the shot is the follow-through.

It puts that lovely spin on the ball, making sure that it goes through a beautiful arc and into the ring. Everything else is for setting it up – and that’s absolutely through (pun intended)! Because what’s the point in doing anything if we can’t follow through?

In the case of our New Year’s Resolutions, we have to keep it up! Remember the dedication, and do what we set out to do this year!

6. Don’t Exhaust Yourself (BONUS)

That said, we’re all human. Don’t worry if you feel tired and you think you haven’t been living up to your promise! It’s okay to be tired. That’s why part of fulfilling your New Year’s Resolution is to take breaks. So don’t be afraid to plan out your “lazy days”! Take that cheat day if you must. Go out and pamper yourself, straight shooter! You deserve it.

And that’s how you shoot your shot for 2022! Good luck, and may we all have a bountiful year ahead of us!

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