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Filipino Professor Makes History in UK Robotics Award

In a remarkable achievement, 43-year-old Filipino professor Dr. Alexander Co Abad secured second place in the Queen Mary UK Best Ph.D. in Robotics Award and excelled in various other prestigious robotics competitions. His pioneering work focuses on a revolutionary sensor with applications in telemedicine and telerobotics.


Completing his doctoral degree in Computer Science and Informatics at Liverpool Hope University, Dr. Abad, currently an assistant professor in the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department at De La Salle University, emerges as a trailblazer in the field, securing top positions in multiple distinguished competitions—a first for any Filipino.

Dr. Abad’s recognition stems from his groundbreaking study titled “Fine-grained Haptics: Sensing and Actuating Haptic Primary Colours (force, vibration, and temperature).” Obviously, this study not only earned him second place in the Queen Mary UK Best Ph.D. in Robotics Award but also propelled him to victory in several other prominent robotics competitions.

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The HaptiTemp Sensor

The crux of Dr. Abad’s achievements lies in the HaptiTemp sensor, a silicone-based marvel proficient in measuring force, vibration, and temperature. Naturally, celebrated for its precision and cost-effectiveness, this versatile invention has the potential to revolutionize applications in medicine, space exploration, material texture analysis, and telerobotics.

Undeniably, the HaptiTemp sensor stands poised to revolutionize various industries, offering adaptability and affordability. As has been noted, its potential applications span from medicine, where precise measurements are paramount, to space exploration, where cutting-edge technology is indispensable for success.

Expressions of Gratitude

Furthermore, Dr. Abad expressed gratitude for unwavering support, acknowledging the Department of Science and Technology – Engineering Research and Development for Technology Foreign PhD scholarship and the Mme. Maillefer Study Program of De La Salle University–Manila. He also credited his supervisor, Dr. Anuradha Ranasinghe, a senior lecturer in Robotics at Liverpool Hope University, whose expertise significantly contributed to the success of the project.

What’s more, Dr. Alexander Co Abad’s remarkable achievements not only bring honor to the Filipino academic community but also underscore the Philippines’ prowess in cutting-edge advancements in robotics. His innovative sensor technology, securing top positions in prestigious competitions, not only marks a significant milestone in the realm of robotics but also emphasizes the importance of international collaboration in pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge in this field.

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