Are Philippine Spiders Harmless?

The Philippines has various spider species. Most are harmless and even help keep your place bug-free! So, let’s meet five Philippine spiders and learn about their special traits.

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Saint Andrew’s Cross Spider

Popularly known as “Gagambang Ekis” in the Philippines, this spider is visually stunning! It is decorated with white, yellow, and red stripes, along with white dots. Meanwhile, its web features highly distinguishable zig-zag silk lines, and it often sits at the center with legs spread wide in an X shape.


Hawaiian Garden Spider

This spider resembles its Cross Spider cousins and is commonly found in Philippine gardens. It thrives in any environment, helping to control pests naturally. And despite its size, its bites are harmless to humans!


Jumping Spider

The Jumping Spider is the smallest among the Philippine spiders. Dubbed the ‘eight-legged cat,’ it lives up to its name, leaping 6 to 50 times its size. They have excellent vision, with two large and six secondary eyes. They prefer outdoor spaces. However, given their elusive nature, it’s best to let them be.


Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman Spider is enormous and has an impressive leg span. It relies on speed rather than webs to capture prey. It may be formidable, but it keeps its distance! So, it’s generally harmless to humans. Plus, it feeds on bugs, so having one move into your home means you’ve got a natural pest control solution!


Batik Golden Web Spider

This spider is larger and can be found in fields. The females are much bigger than the males, with a distinctive yellow-marked abdomen. In the Philippines, they’re called “Gagambang Kuryente” for making webs on electrical wires. And unlike other spiders, their webs last for years!


The majority of Philippine spiders are harmless, serving as essential allies in nature. So refrain from harming them; let these spiders coexist with humans and contribute to a balanced ecosystem.

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