8 Great Benefits of Eating Fish

Senator Cynthia Villar recently emphasized the importance of eating fish, especially for Filipinos. Let us see why:


Abundance in Coastal Areas

The Philippines is an archipelago full of coastlines. This makes fish easy to find and buy for people living near those areas.


Variety of Species

There are many types of fish available in the country. So, Filipinos can enjoy different tastes and health benefits from these species!



In the Philippines, fish is often cheaper than other sources of protein, such as meat or poultry. Thus, it is more accessible to families who have limited financial resources.


Rich in Essential Nutrients

Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and B12, iodine, and minerals like selenium and zinc. So, eating fish will contribute to one’s overall health and well-being.


Low in Saturated Fat

And speaking of health and well-being, did you know that fish has less unhealthy fat than other animal proteins? If you include this in your diet, you lower the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases. 


Versatility in Cooking

Fish can be cooked in many ways. Grilled, fried, or steamed, the possibilities are endless! This allows for a wide range of dishes that will suit different preferences and tastes.



Fish can be a sustainable protein source, as long as it is managed properly. The government, for example, conducts various efforts to replenish the fish supply in the country, such as aquaculture and responsible harvesting. 


Cultural Significance

Fish is essential to Filipino culture and cuisine because it embodies the country’s culinary history and strengthens ties between the community and food.

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Filipinos should look into eating fish for a number of reasons, from its abundance to its nutritional value. So, consider catching one (or a bunch) for your next meal!

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