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AllDay SMART CART: Hi-Tech Convenience

When Manny Villar first came up with his supermarket concept, he probably already had the AllDay Smart Cart in mind. You see, AllDay Supermarket is consistently into improving the quality of life of their consumers, and par for the course is providing first-to-market innovations.

Recently, they introduced the “smart cart” – the newest, trendiest, and most hassle-free way of grocery shopping. Definitely good news for in-store customers who want to speed up their shopping.

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“We’re excited to bring to our customers yet another innovation to make in-person grocery shopping even more intuitive and enjoyable,” said AllDay Vice Chair Camille Villar.

A slice of great convenience indeed, with the AllDay smart cart in tow, consumers can easily scour the supermarket swiftly and cut down on cashier time.

How does it work? The smart cart gives detailed information about grocery items right after the product is placed inside the cart. Aside from the convenience it gives, it also helps the consumer take control and keep an eye on their budget limit thanks to the cart’s display feature of prices per product. You’ll be seeing your running total, so forget about leaving that item at the end! Something to ease your mind from going over your weekly or monthly budget.

To top it off, AllDay Supermarket also came up with a “self-checkout counter” for contactless transaction on your items. Just scan the QR code provided from the AllDay smart cart system at the designated checkout counter. Finally, pay with your card or any contactless mode of payment, pack your items, and you’re done!

Shop, Scan, and Pay

How to operate the AllDay Smart Cart? It’s easy as 1-2-3!

AllDay Smart Cart
AllDay Supermarket Smart Cart

Why make it the same old boring chore to do your groceries, when your supermarket run can be easy and worry-free? Go on and grab your shopping needs with convenience at AllDay Supermarket!

Happy smart shopping!

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