Why Do We Love “Pinoybaiting” So Much?

Another heavily covered topic on the internet that is worthy of discussion is Pinoybaiting. What is it, and why do we love it so much?

Have you heard of this before?

Foreign content creators use this as a marketing strategy to attract Filipino audiences. They produce clickbaity content that typically includes superficial and backhanded compliments about Philippine culture and society. Which have been criticized for reinforcing cultural cringe.

Cultural cringe is closely tied to the concept of colonial mentality, an internalized sense of inferiority towards one’s own culture in comparison to others. In simpler terms, it’s when you feel ashamed of your own culture and try to copy others to fit what you perceive as acceptable to the norm. This mindset encourages the propagation of negative stereotypes and oversimplified views of Philippine culture and society by non-Filipinos. 

There are gray areas

Many are drawn to Pinoybaiting because they seek validation from foreigners, influenced by our colonial past ingrained in our culture and education. Some have read between the lines and started to speak out. Hoping creators will produce contents with clearer intentions than just trying to pull the wool over Filipinos’ eyes. 

Some foreign content creators engage in this type of content with good intentions. They are fascinated and curious about our culture, reacting genuinely to what they see. However, it crosses a line when this turns into exploiting our patriotism for clicks.

Don’t fall for it

Still, Filipinos have control over what they see in their newsfeed. They have the option to mute and unfollow, preventing others from using them for clicks and views. It is just a matter of unlearning the system and decolonizing the mind.

However, it’s not that simple, is it? Because it’s a complex issue that requires a deeper understanding of the psychological and cultural factors at play. Perhaps the least we can do is identify those content creators guilty of this dirty trick.

Keep your eyes peeled

According to multiple online sources, the king of Pinoybaiting is none other than Nas Daily. Who had been allegedly dishonest about getting an “Ancient Tattooing” course from Apo Whang-Od, which he calls “Whang-Od Academy.” There are many others, for example, those foreign guys who would measure their rice-to-water ratio using their fingers. That’s a subtle form of their funny business. 

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So, what do you think? Is Pinoybaiting a serious online virus amongst this generation? If so, then we mustn’t descend further into the rabbit hole.

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