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Taste of Town: Gordon Ramsay to Open First PH Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay is a name as iconic as Abraham Lincoln or Beyonce. What is he known for? Well, you probably know by now. He is the ultimate chef of the food world with a Michelin star rating. You might’ve seen him on television or heard of him on social media. Now, he is soon to open the first-ever Gordon Ramsay restaurant in PH called “Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill”.

Newport World Resorts

The Philippines is set to embrace the Gordon Ramsay brand as it prepares for the scheduled launch of its inaugural restaurant at Newport World Resorts (NWR). The Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill is expected to start serving customers by the second quarter of 2024.  With the addition of this new restaurant, NWR will surely cement its place as a global gourmet destination.

What to Expect

Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill will perfectly fit into NWR’s lavish lifestyle. What to expect? Expect only one thing and that is to have an epic dining experience! The restaurant is going to offer a curated selection of legendary rare breed steaks, grilled specialties, and fresh market seafood. In addition, it wouldn’t be a Gordon Ramsay restaurant without the legendary chef’s iconic beef wellington on the menu. 

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The Partnership 

The partnership of NWR and Gordon Ramsay will bring rapid expansion of both brands in their respective fields. The Gordon Ramsay Restaurants group has demonstrated robust expansion across various global destinations. On the other hand, Newport World Resorts is achieving historic milestones with its impressive transformation into the most diverse leisure destination in the country. Combining these two will create a perfect place for people to enjoy a world-class dining experience.

As the doors open to Gordon Ramsay restaurant in PH culinary haven, Manila awaits an extraordinary journey through the senses, guided by the expert hands of a culinary maestro.

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