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PBBM Assures Continuation of Philippines’ Golden Age of Infrastructure

As the Philippines stands at the cusp of a transformative era in infrastructure development, President Bongbong Marcos is emphasizing his commitment to ensuring the continuation of the nation’s golden age of infrastructure.

Upholding a Legacy of Infrastructure Advancement

Thanks to the Duterte administration, the Philippines embarked on a ‘Golden Age of Infrastructure.’ This was characterized by unprecedented growth in construction and connectivity projects, and new president Bongbong Marcos has stepped forward to assure Filipinos of his dedication to maintaining this upward trajectory.

Building on Achievements

Addressing the nation, Marcos highlighted the monumental strides made in infrastructure in recent years. From highways and bridges to transportation systems and energy projects, the landscape of the Philippines has evolved dramatically. Economically, the golden age of infrastructure has been the saving grace for the country in terms of development forecast. Socially, it has enhanced the lives of citizens by providing countless jobs and opportunities to Filipinos nationwide.

Prioritizing Connectivity and Development

Marcos emphasizes that the continuity of this growth is central to his vision for the Philippines. He pledges to prioritize projects that further connect regions, improve access to services, and stimulate economic activities. By doing so, he envisions a more united, prosperous, and resilient nation.

Collaborating with the Private Sector, and Staying Ahead of Emerging Challenges

Crucially, Marcos recognizes that successful infrastructure development relies on a collaborative approach. He underscores the importance of fostering strong partnerships between the government and the private sector to efficiently execute projects.

Marcos acknowledges the evolving landscape of challenges, including environmental sustainability and the integration of technology. He commits to infusing these considerations into the infrastructure agenda, ensuring that progress is sustainable and future-ready.

A Vision for Inclusive Growth

In his assurance to the Filipino people, Marcos outlines a vision that encompasses inclusive growth. He envisions infrastructure projects that uplift communities, create jobs, and provide opportunities across all sectors of society, particularly in rural areas.

As Marcos charts his path in the political landscape, his commitment to preserving and enhancing the Philippines’ ‘Golden Age of Infrastructure’ stands as a cornerstone of his vision. With a focus on continuity, collaboration, and inclusive development, his assurance resonates with many. 

Otherwise, the PBBM administration may buckle amid the challenges facing the nation at this time. Simply put, infrastructure is one of Marcos’ best cards. He has no choice but to play it.

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