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McDo ChocNut Sundae: A Sweet, Nutty Treat

We finally tried McDonald’s newest summer treat! So, what are our thoughts on the McDo ChocNut Sundae?

The Hype

McDonald’s Philippines posted a photo of their newest dessert options to social media on April 5. The ChocNut Sundae and the ChocNut Frappé, aptly named after the well-known ChocNut bar, are the two options available for the “PartnERs for the SummER” series. In our case, as ice cream lovers, we chose the sundae to try out!

The Ingredients

The McDo ChocNut Sundae contains three ingredients. It starts with vanilla ice cream and is drizzled with caramel sauce before being topped with crushed ChocNut pieces.

First Look

When you pick up a cup, you will notice the caramel sauce lining the sides. And if you have tried McDo’s caramel sauce, you will understand how sweet this dessert is. So, before you eat this, we recommend that you prepare a glass of water.

Meanwhile, the ChocNut sprinkles on top transported us back to our childhood because, despite the mess, we enjoyed eating crushed ChocNut bars! However, it did look like there was less of it compared to the sauce.

mcdo chocnut sundae

Finding the Balance

Now what happens when we mix the sundae altogether? Take note that we first thought there was less ChocNut than caramel. So as we were eating, we were pleasantly surprised to find a balance between these two. 

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The amount of crushed ChocNut was nutty enough to cut through the sweetness of the caramel. Plus, it was a good call on McDonald’s part to use vanilla ice cream for the base because it allowed these strong flavors to shine together. 


The McDo ChocNut Sundae is a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth in this summer heat. Just make sure you have your glass of water ready!

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