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Cool Down in this Makati Hidden Bar

Ever feel like partying, but the heat’s got you beat? Check out this Makati hidden bar! With refreshing drinks to cool you down, it’s the perfect quick escape from the sweltering weather.

What’s a sari-sari store?

In the Philippines, these are simply convenience stores that you see in your neighborhood. This is where the Filipinos run to grab their household essentials. This clever speakeasy is hidden inside a sari-sari store. They even named the place “Sari Sari.”

Swing by Thai Mookato, Makati. Inside, look for the sari-sari store display. Spot the red freezer at the back. Open it, and voila! Welcome to a dimly lit room with a splash of red lights. You just entered the Makati hidden bar!

What’s the vibe?

As your eyes adjust, soak in the Asian fusion atmosphere. From a tree in perpetual autumn to bamboo sticks crisscrossing above, Japanese lanterns, and a menu camouflaged in a Noli Me Tangere book, this unique fusion sets Sari Sari apart.

What’s on the menu?

Now, let’s talk about drinks. Sari Sari keeps it classic with favorites like the Whisky Sour (P300) and Amaretto Sour (P250). But if you’re after a straightforward sipper, try the Old-Fashioned Rye (P390), Mezcal Negroni (P380), or the Smoky Spice Margarita (P390), with a kick of chili flakes.

For the adventurous, get Sari Sari’s signature blends. The Halo Halo (P350) mixes Bacardi, sweetened milk, rum-infused sago, and ube ice cream. Or opt for the Taho (P250), a mix of Olmeca tequila, soy milk, arnibal, and sago. 

Live Music Events

So your neighborhood secret bar is hosting gigs, organized by local indie music scene productions like Shoplifters United and Eclectic Kiss. Certainly don’t miss!

Twin Fix photographed by John Michael Timola

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There you have it! Don’t let the heat stop you from partying. Keep the good times rolling in this Makati hidden bar.

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