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Giant Pearl Made Fil-Canadian Instant Billionaire

Abraham Reyes can thank his lucky stars. Why, you say? Well, this Fil-Canadian is an instant billionaire now after getting his family heirloom giant pearl appraised. You see, he saw an opportunity and grabbed it. It turns out that one single decision can put the best plot twist in your life, just like this man did.

An Heirloom Worth a Fortune

According to Reyes, his grandfather discovered the pearl in 1959 while purchasing a giant clam from a fisherman in the Philippines. The family has kept it as an heirloom ever since, unaware that it is a 1,000-year-old pearl. Nobody could ever tell that what they were looking at was a pearl because of its strange shape and size. That is because pearls usually come in a spherical shape. 

The family heirloom, known as “Giga Pearl,” was given to Reyes in 2016. However, it did not take long before Reyes had a hunch about the true identity of the pearl. He consulted appraisers and to all his astonishment, the mineral turned out to be a pearl, but not just a regular pearl. It is a giant pearl resembling a giant tooth. 

Afterwards, Reyes commissioned a custom 22-carat gold holder in the shape of an octopus for the pearl. 

How much is it worth?

Reyes had the pearl authenticated at New York City’s Gemological Institute of America. The pearl has been appraised to be worth up to $90 million, which translates to a jaw-dropping $4.74 billion in Philippine pesos. However, there is another twist to this story. Reyes has no plans of selling the pearl. What he wants to do instead is showcase the said pearl in various museums.

“My goal is to have it brought to the museum or galleries for the world to see it. I want it to be used to create environmental awareness,” Abraham Reyes said. That’s just what the world needs right now, to be environmentally aware! A true Filipino with a good heart, indeed!

Gelaine Santiago: Canadian Filipino entrepreneur with a big heart

Moral of the story? Even if you have one of the biggest pearls in the world, always choose to have a bigger heart! 

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