Devil’s Burger: Give in To Temptation

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Quezon City, Devil’s Burger has emerged as a culinary haven for burger enthusiasts. This burger joint, with its devilishly delicious offerings, has been making waves in the local food scene. Should Angel’s burger worry about this new budget burger challenger? Definitely! We are going to explore why!

We all know Angel’s, now meet Devil’s

If you didn’t know, Angel’s Burger no longer stands alone in the community of budget burger chains in the Philippines. As of July 2020, its so-called archrival, Devil’s Burger, arrived on Philippine shores, and photos of one of its kiosks have already taken the local social media by storm in 2021.

As the newest burger stop for the thrifty Filipino, Devil’s Burger will change the meaning of comfort food, according to its likely owner, actor Jeffrey Santos. You might not be familiar with Jeffrey Santos, but you are definitely familiar with his sister, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

What you can get from DB

Examining the widely circulated photos of DB, it appears that the new food establishment is emphasizing affordable spicy burgers. Its tagline, “Sulit ang anghang sarap,” underscores this focus. One of its offerings is a buy-1-take-1 burger, bearing the brand’s name, priced at ₱30—just slightly more expensive than Angel’s Burger.

Moreover, they serve a buy-1-take-1 Cheesy Devil’s Burger for ₱40. Additionally, there’s a buy-1-take-1 Sulit Jumbo Hotdog Sandwich starting at ₱50, and a single Ultimate Hotdog Sandwich with various toppings for ₱45. Also, for a cost of ₱59, customers can enjoy the Inferno Burger Sandwich, their spiciest burger featuring a double patty.

Furthermore, DB caters to rice enthusiasts. You have their Rapsa Rice Meals, featuring three diverse options: hotdog, burger steak, and bacon. Each meal includes an egg and the option to select from various sauces. These include regular gravy, cheese, and hot sauce. These rice meals are also available in a buy-1-take-1 promotion for just ₱79. Extras and beverages can be acquired separately.

Devil’s Burger locations and other details

When the first viral picture of DB circulated on the internet, it only had a branch at No. 66 Manila Gravel Pit Road (or LITEX Road) in Quezon City. Due to its popularity, it already expanded to different locations in the following areas:

  • J.P. Rizal
  • Devil’s Burger – IBP
  • Devil’s Burger – Bonny Serrano
  • Luzon Ave
  • Arayat-Cubao
  • Regalado
  • Lagro
  • Mandaluyong
  • Galas
  • Namie
  • Tambo, Parañaque
  • CAA Las Pinas
  • Baesa
  • Velasquez

Devil’s Burger is more than just a place to savor delicious burgers; it’s a promise of an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re a spice seeker or someone who enjoys classic flavors, Devil’s Burger invites you to join them on a gastronomic journey that transcends the ordinary.

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