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PH’s Archangel’s Journey Chorale Champions International Competition at Macau

Archangel’s Journey Chorale conquers international stage at Cantata Macau International Choir Festival and Competition

In a resounding crescendo of victory, the Archangel’s Journey Chorale, a dynamic Filipino church-based choir, recently claimed the Grand Prix at the 6th Cantata Macau International Choir Festival and Competition. This achievement solidifies their place in the choral hall of fame and adds a vibrant note to the rich history of Filipino musical excellence.

Hailing from the St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish in CAMANAVA, encompassing Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela, the Archangel’s Journey Chorale has a rich history of musical excellence. Additionally, this church-based choir has consistently demonstrated its dedication and passion for the art of choral singing.

What is Cantata Macau International Choir Festival

The Cantata Macau International Choir Festival and Competition, a global showcase of vocal artistry, unfolded from December 1-3, 2023. After a pandemic-induced hiatus, its return to an on-site format heightened anticipation, making the Archangel’s Journey Chorale’s victory even more resonant.

Preparation for the International Stage

Leading up to the festival, the chorale, under the skilled baton of conductor Brayan Listher Resusta, undertook meticulous rehearsals. Simultaneously, their diverse repertoire, featuring “Doxologia,” “Noypi,” and “Tikong Tiko,” showcased not only their vocal versatility but also their ability to blend traditional and contemporary elements seamlessly.

The Archangel’s Journey Chorale’s Multifaceted Victory

The triumph of Archangel’s Journey Chorale unfolded across multiple categories, clinching Gold Medals and Category Winner titles in Sacred, Folklore, and Open competitions. Additionally, the pinnacle was the Grand Prix round, where their performance resonated with an exquisite fusion of musical genres. Furthermore, Conductor Brayan Listher Resusta’s recognition as the Best Conductor underscored the choir’s outstanding leadership.

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The Archangel’s Journey Chorale’s victory at the Cantata Macau International Choir Festival extends beyond individual success. Moreover, it is a triumph for the entire Filipino community, fostering cultural pride and community spirit. This milestone in their musical journey inspires continued excellence, marking the beginning of a new international chapter.

Join the celebration, share the pride, and support Filipino talent on the global stage as Archangel’s Journey Chorale continues its remarkable musical journey!

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