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Christmas in the Spirit of a #HealthierPhilippines

Our Old Habits

Living in the Philippines long enough makes you no stranger to crazy Pinoy Christmas shopping habits. Last year alone, the holiday spending of the average Filipino individual increased by P485 compared to 2018.

Cacao Culture

Holiday expenses across 18 to 55 years old are almost the same. And it’s surprising when we consider the vast differences in their income! For years, we have been conditioned to think that a high amount of spending is inevitable during Christmas. It was just normal to excessively splurge this time of year. Not to mention, the extreme diets we let our bodies endure during the holidays! The absurd amount of consumerism during the holidays has strayed us away from the true meaning of a Pinoy Christmas.

Christmas on Lockdown

In this year’s devastating atmosphere, the best present we could receive is the gift of good health. Thankfully, for some of us, this has been a time for healing from our old habits.

This could be the first ever holiday season we’re spending ‘locked’ in our homes. And is it really a bad thing? Think about it. We get to spend more time with our loved ones in the comfort of home. With that, comes the opportunity to reflect and hopefully rediscover the real spirit of the holidays.

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A Healthier Holiday

This year, we’re celebrating the gift of health in the form of freeing ourselves from the tumultuous grasps of consumerism. Yes, we can now shop from homes through our mobile devices, but studies found that the biggest holiday purchases are still done in-store. Lessening our consumption this season should not only be helpful to our well-being, but it benefits the planet as well! A lot of families are also skipping the Lechon deliveries and making Noche Buena more meaningful with home-cooked family meals. This really is a time to rethink our choices, and become less consumeristic by appreciating what we already have.

The lockdown may have physically set us apart, but overcoming it has brought our families closer both spiritually and mentally. And that’s something always worthy of a sincere celebration.

Happy holidays from the Flying Ketchup staff!

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