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10 Million Filipinos Vaccinated

The Philippines has vaccinated 10 million people. This is a huge milestone in the country’s fight against Covid-19, and our faithful race to herd immunity.

Out of a grand total of 23 million doses administered, 10 million have received their final dose. This is according to Vince Dizon, Deputy Chief of the National Task Force Against Covid-19.

“We reached a milestone, as of [Aug. 4], lumagpas tayo ng 10 million na Pilipinong (we breached 10 million Filipinos who are now) fully vaccinated,” Dizon told CNN.

“Napakalaking milestone nito at napakaimportante nito sa paglaban natin sa COVID-19 lalo na dito sa Delta variant dahil nakikita natin sa buong mundo pati na sa Pilipinas, kapag ikaw ay bakunado, malaki ang protection mo dito sa Delta variant.”

[Translation: This is a huge milestone and this is very important in our battle against COVID-19, especially with the Delta variant, because we have seen globally and in the Philippines that if you are vaccinated you are highly protected from the Delta variant.]

As of the 4th August, nearly 13 million have received their first dose.

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The Delta variant

While we can celebrate this milestone of vaccinating 10 million Filipinos, we also have to be cautious of over 200 reported Delta variant infections. This local transmission is concerning, as the variant is said to be highly infectious. As the capital region reverts to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), the government hopes limiting movement can aid in also slowing transmissions. More importantly, our health care infrastructure will not fall apart. For the initial two weeks of ECQ, millions more will be vaccinated, and that should bode well for the weeks and months to come.

Metro Manila vaccine mega-site

Next week, the Nayong Pilipino vaccination mega site will finally open. Dizon reported that the site will be able to inoculate 10,000 people on a daily basis. This is welcome news as the fight against the pandemic rages on, with neighboring countries suffering through surges of their own.

As of writing, we have another 8,000 new infections. That brings the total to nearly 67,000 active cases. This is not yet over. Stay safe, everyone.

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