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This bakery in Manila is a pioneer of eco-conscious pastries

We Filipinos are known internationally as great cooks and lovers of good food. As such, we need to start thinking about the way we produce and consume.

Sustainability concerns like food waste are very real in the food industry, and if we are not careful, we end up contributing to the problem.

Fortunately, a bakeshop in Manila is leading by example. Situated at the lobby of Shangri-La at The Fort is The Bake House, and it’s pushing for a tasty solution. With its tagline, ‘freshly made with a conscious heart’, the bakery has a sophisticated but laid-back cafe vibe, with a few decor that alludes to its neighborhood roots.


The Bake House is serious in its sustainability efforts, and really tries to deserve the title of being a zero-waste food establishment. They offer a wide range of sweet and savory pastries that are all-natural and trans-fat free. They also ensure that their food is free from artificial colors and flavoring.

“We refrain from using plastic dyes and flavoring because we think that the best dishes are those we produce naturally, without any additives,” said Tiffany Go, Shangri-La at the Fort Communications Executive.

Eco-consciousness, fresh out the oven

One source of raw ingredient food waste is the use of flour and other excess baking ingredients. Instead of throwing them away, The Bake House creates what they call the Conscious Cookie, a gooey, chocolatey, nutty cookie treat. 

It’s a result of various cookie trims and other ingredients that “do not fit the measuring cup”. Baking is a precise science, so you must be strict in following the recipe. Any excess ingredients of their other products are re-purposed as the ingredients of the Conscious Cookie. 

Aside from the laid-back interiors, the bakeshop also sells specially-made merchandise promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle, like KeepCups and Bamboo tumblers.

Staying true to their tagline, The Bake House minimizes the use of plastic packaging in their establishment and their take away services. They use biodegradable kraft paper for their take outs.

If ever you’re thirsty, water infused with citrus is available in a glass jar for self-service. No need to request from the counter, and no need for single-use cups.

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Also noteworthy is their effort to lessen non-reusable utensils. If you’re dreaming of enjoying a sweet and warm treat without the environmental guilt, try their hot chocolate. It’s served like a popsicle on a wooden spoon – just stir the chocolate stick in their hot milk and wait for it to melt and blend. 

Establishments like The Bake House is proof that quality does not have to suffer in order to become more eco-friendly. While it may seem easy for businesses to take this direction, it’s actually the opposite. There are dozens of considerations, but we’re glad this one’s been able to do it.

At the end of the day, each of us has the power to create small changes to live a more sustainable life. Whether we’re transacting with eco-friendly businesses, or going green at home, the workplace, or school. It only takes a full heart and an open mind to make a lasting change for the environment.

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