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The National Covid Vaccination Plan

The National COVID Vaccination Plan aims to vaccinate Filipinos to restore the normalcy of life in the Philippines. The plan also guarantees that the health of Filipinos is prioritized by a task force, regardless of the government in place.

This “road map” establishes a game plan to quicken vaccine deployment and immunization through collaboration between the national government, LGUs, and the private sector. This is a long-term solution that seeks to set a sustainable immunization program for 3 to 5 years considering other mutations of the virus, and to ensure that COVID is completely eliminated.

WATCH: The National COVID Vaccination Plan

By 2021, the plan aims to secure a steady supply of COVID vaccines and a constantly improving rate of immunization.


We have already upgraded our vaccination capabilities, inoculating 500,000 people per week in the 2nd quarter, to 2,000,000 vaccinated per week during the 3rd quarter. The program strives to acquire a total of 140 million doses of the COVID vaccine with a total budget of P82.5 billion.

The goal? Herd immunity by the end of the year with 70 million fully vaccinated people. No less. So that by 2022, the plan seeks to eliminate COVID completely, while gaining access to booster vaccines.

The program will also advance the health sector so it may be equipped for another health emergency, to be accomplished through renationalizing the Philippine Health System and modernizing the current Health Department.

For all of this to work, the national government requires the cooperation of all local governments and the generous private sector. More importantly, the succeeding administration. Without all these aligned, the National COVID Vaccination Plan will be no more than a plan.

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Thank you President Rodrigo Duterte, Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, Vaccine Czar Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr., and everyone else involved in the Inter-Agency Task Force, departments, collaborators, who made this possible. We will make it through this pandemic!

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