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Sustainable Lifestyle: Brands you need for your home!

Practicing sustainability? Take a look at these 5 local sustainable brands that should be essential to every clean and green household.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the sustainable lifestyle. In fact, more and more Filipinos are starting to adapt to such. So, if you’re planning to or are already practicing sustainability in your home, we’re sure this list could be of help to you.

Go ahead and check out these five local and sustainable brands that are essential to every green home!

Sustainable Lifestyle: Brands you need for your home!
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For a while now, Kultura has been known as a brand that showcases our local artistry and crafts. Made available by SM Supermalls, it is a sustainable brand that’s probably the easiest to access. This is also why most OFWs make it a point to include shopping at Kultura in their itinerary. The store allows them to bring local products to their host countries.

Kultura has a wide product range consisting of weaved rattan baskets, authentic pearls, buri mats, and many more – an array of goodies for your sustainable lifestyle!

Sustainable Lifestyle: Brands you need for your home!
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EcoNest Philippines

EcoNest is your one-stop shop of sustainable packaging solutions. Built to address the massive plastic pollution in the country, their products are direct alternatives to plastics. Their shop is full of innovative products such as cassava bio bags, bagasse sugarcane containers, as well as the infamous Geami “bubblewrap alternative” – a must for your sustainable lifestyle!

Sustainable Lifestyle: Brands you need for your home!
Applying sacred weaving traditions into modern, wearable pieces

Anthill Fabrics

Anthill‘s ultimate objective as a business is to keep our Philippine weaving traditions alive. And by providing sustainable jobs and livelihood to their partner communities, they are keeping that goal and promise! To many, they may seem like they’re just selling fabrics. But in reality, they’re actually preserving ancient traditions and cultures that our indigenous communities so long cherished. Bravo, Anthill!

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Sustainable Lifestyle: Brands you need for your home!
Some of the many essentials you can find at Ritual!


If you’ve been practicing a sustainable lifestyle and zero-waste habits in your home, then you’ve probably heard of Ritual. If you haven’t, well it’s one of the best places to start. Ritual is a small general store that sells your most basic everyday needs. Notably, their products are not enclosed in plastic bags, so bring your jars, tote bags, and containers. Most importantly, their products are sourced locally!

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Hungry, but don’t want to live with the guilt? Well then, DowntoEarth has got you covered! They’re a family farm that grows biodynamic vegetables, and raises local grass-fed cattle, heritage free-range pork, lamb and native poultry. Talk about practicing what you preach in terms of a sustainable lifestyle!

You can be sure of top-notch freshness in food quality because they apply sustainable agricultural practices in growing their products. Moreover, preserving our food security with ethical practices! Truly brilliant!

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We hope this simple list not only helps you on your sustainability journey, but also serves as a reminder that supporting local goes hand-in-hand with the lifestyle. Let’s go, Philippines!

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