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Refill Revolution launched, waging a “war on plastics”

The Central Luzon Manila Bay Refill Revolution, a program that aims to reduce waste and create awareness on the economical way of reusing and recycling plastic materials in local communities, was launched by the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Central Luzon last Monday.

Launched in Barangay Maimpis, San Fernando, Pampanga, the event was organized by the EMB and the DENR-3 Manila Bay Coordinating Office. Local residents brought empty bottles and containers of different products, from condiments, toiletries, and other household essentials, for refilling by participating companies.

The cost of refilling the containers is half of the their actual retail prices in supermarkets. Participating companies and manufacturers included HAHSY Industries Inc., Froneri (formerly Nestle), Soliman EC, and Jollibee Foods Corporation.

According to DENR Regional Executive Director Paquito Moreno Jr., the problem of plastic pollution is becoming worse, and has a negative impact on the natural environment, bringing harm to plants, wildlife, and even to humans.


War on Plastics

“We have to wage war on plastic. We need to fight plastic pollution and end it once and for all before it’s too late,” said Moreno during the launch of the program. He explains that the Refill Revolution is one of DENR’s solutions to the growing global problem of plastic waste, and is part of the department’s advocacy to cut back on plastic production and consumption.

EMB Regional Director Lormelyn Claudio said that the department aims to spark behavioral change, turning waste into new resources, through a series of refilling events in Bulacan, Pampanga, and Bataan.

“We need to change our attitude to resolve plastic pollution. Our lifestyle and behavior play a crucial role in solving this problem,” said Claudio.

She explains that every bottle refilled is one less bottle to be produced, adding that the concept of a refill station is seen as a viable measure to significantly reduce packaging waste without compromising on the price or quality of the product.

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