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Megaworld’s Herald Parksuites and its 3 S’s to Better Living

Megaword Corporation has been active in the real estate scene since 1989. And today, it is regarded as the top-awarded township developer in the country. It has remarkably expanded its horizons, continuously establishing a reputation for building high-end residential condominiums and commercial properties. At present, one of the newest developments that the company is offering is the Megaworld Herald Parksuites in Bacolod

Whether you are in the market trying to find the best property or just browsing for fun, look into these 3 S’s of Megaworld’s Herald Parksuites. Discover the Stunning, Smart, and Sustainable features of this 34-hectare master-planned residential tower in one of the Visayas region’s emerging hubs – the City of Smiles!

Stunning Masterplan

Following the launch of the first three buildings, the fourth tower takes up the Upper East of the master-planned residential estate. One of the inspirations for its design is the posh and stunning New York City Upper East Side. The neighborhood is famous for its classic brownstones and upscale high-rises, home to the city’s elite. Built with accessibility in mind, business establishments are at arm’s reach of the residential area for your convenience.

A 12-storey tower of Megaworld’s Herald Parksuites offers 246 condo units. Starting from studio units with sizes ranging from 24 sq. m to 109 sq. m two-Bedroom units. And for the exciting part, Herald Parksuites will have a central amenity floor shared with its adjacent tower, the Two Regis. The amenities include an adult pool, children’s pool with bubblers, pool lounge, pool bar, lounge areas with sun buns, shower rooms, reading nooks, children’s playground, daycare center, fitness center, function room with pantry and extended outdoor area, private dining room, game room, and covered paths for laid-back strolls. Wi-Fi internet access covers the entire area. There is also a retail arcade on the ground floor. Residents’ parking is located on the basement level.

Smart System

Ever heard of the wireless smart home system? Well guess what, Megaworld’s Herald Parksuites’ units are equipped with these smart system features. These let homeowners automatically control their home lighting fixtures, appliances, and temperature, remotely and with convenience.

Power outage? Not a problem, because of the standby power generator for a lighting fixture in the living area. And for every two-bedroom unit acquired, they’ll have their built-in ovens to start with. Meanwhile, the bedrooms and living rooms of the loft-type units will come with inverter split-type air-conditioning units. Not all real estate companies in the Philippines can give you such lavish perks upon acquiring a unit!

Sustainable Living

Sustainability has always been a priority for Megaworld’s developments. Nothing can beat “green” living, and knowing that you’re at home in a place that’s doing its part in protecting our environment. At Megaworld’s Herald Parksuites, nature matters as much as client well-being. 

“This new tower is jampacked with first-of-its-kind features and we are excited to offer all of these to our future residents,” said Jennifer Palmares-Fong, Megaworld Bacolod Sales and Marketing VP.

The Herald Parksuites smart condo tower will be packed with quite a few green and sustainability features. These include low flow fixtures and light sensors in hallways for energy and water conservation. Furthermore, as mentioned a while ago, the wireless smart home system in every unit plays a big part in eliminating the unnecessary usage of electricity. With the push of a button, every user can easily minimize their usage and use power efficiently. 

Moreover, the smart tower has its “rainwater harvesting system” that collects the excess rainfall for re-use. This helps the immediate community avoid flooding. If only more buildings did it!

The Herald Parksuites will also feature the use of building equipment with high energy efficiency ratings. It will also have a materials recovery facility.

Kudos to Megaword Corporation for creating stunning, smart, and sustainable options for Filipino homes. If you’re thinking of investing in Bacolod, choose Megaworld’s Herald Parksuites – a pursuit of laidback and green city living!

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