Destination: Baguio 2022

The Summer Capital of the Philippines is still keeping its charm even after the pandemic.

For Baguio 2022 is an opportunity to remind Filipinos why it’s their favorite summer destination.

Normally, tourism should dip during times when people are forced to stay where they are. But not Baguio – Baguio proved to be different.

The City of Pines is still going strong even after everything that happened in the past two years. When people were finally allowed to go out – they chose to go to Baguio. Why? 

What’s so special about Baguio City that people are willing to risk their lives just to visit?

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An All-Time Favorite

If you’ve already been to Baguio City, there’s nothing more that could be sold to you here. The city sells itself, and its past visitors know that intimately. In fact, if you think about it, Baguio is so culturally rich that people go there because the city guarantees to leave you with life-long memories. 

The city is just brimming with a rich history. From being established as a hill station for the Americans to its present state, Baguio has experienced a whole lot. From wars to folk tales, and even cultures transforming over the decades. Currently, we are now seeing ethnic and modern cultures living in coexistence in Baguio 2022. What a sight.

Not only that, Baguio was supposedly a hunting ground for our Ibaloi and Igorot ethnic groups way back during pre-colonial times. One legend states that the land where the Teacher’s Village is set was an ancient battleground for our indigenous kababayans. Such fun facts and trivia only add to the enamoring visage of Baguio City.

But enough of the technical stuff. The reason why Baguio’s allure hasn’t waned after all this time is that its culture is constantly evolving. Do you ever wonder why there’s always something new to see or visit every time you go to Baguio City? Well, that’s the reason.

It’s the ultimate all-in-one destination where you can find just about anything you need for a holiday. From its rich history, cool climate, awesome views, delectable eats, and spooky stories – Baguio just doesn’t know how to disappoint.

The Higher You Are, The Harder The Fall

One drawback of being the all-time destination is the eventual destruction of its environment. People are coming and going, and you can only enforce so many rules upon so many people. It’s inevitable.

Actually, it’s a bad thing if it caves into the ground. The city is a major economic driver for the region with its tourism and local products. If it goes down, the whole region goes down with them. This is better explained by the Sagada situation, a town further north a lot of tourists don’t visit directly. Many go to Baguio first, then to Sagada. What do you think will happen to Sagada if Baguio became a desolate place?

Anyways, having been there, and having made so many memories in Baguio – it’s our responsibility to help protect it. But how?

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Sustaining Baguio

Firstly, we can look at and support efforts for better urban development. One thing that’s relevant here is bike lanes or even wider walkways. This is because it’s paramount that it turns into a green city; it’s the only way to preserve its lush environment in this situation.

Secondly, if we can’t find programs to support it, then why not do it ourselves? As they say, change starts with us. Perhaps people can drive together as a group in one car to preserve gasoline, minimize emissions, and reduce traffic. We can also do little things like reprimanding people who throw their trash improperly. It’s up to us to get creative and get it going.

Lastly, Baguio’s local government and private sector should continue to invest in and collaborate on sustainable tourism. This means well-kept trails, agritourism farms, or even certain sustainable attractions within the urban center.

For Baguio 2022 is a good chance to turn a new leaf, or really, preserve the old leaf. It’s on us to do our part and help uplift the city. This way, we’re not only protecting the environment. We would also be protecting our cherished memories which were made in the place – and those are priceless!

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